Centre for Health Education Scholarship

​​The Centre for Health Education Scholarship (CHES) is shaping the theories and activities of learning in the health profession by creating new knowledge through research and informed innovation; building capacity through mentorship of individuals; and fostering a culture of collaboration.

Top 10 Services

  1. Builds capacity for educational scholarship through mentorship of individuals
  2. Builds capacity for educational scholarship within Departments
  3. Drives educational innovation by supporting faculty engaged in educational scholarship
  4. Fosters a culture of collaboration within the health professions education research community; locally (UBC, including regional sites), nationally and internationally
  5. Supports residents, young physicians and other health professionals as they develop skills and experience in health education scholarship through our educational programs
  6. Supports junior faculty who are early in their academic career and are focusing their academic work on an educational scholarship track (professional development)
  7. Supports Postdoctoral fellows in health professions education through financial support, training, mentorship, and creating opportunities for collaboration
  8. Presents critical examinations of current topics of interest in health professions education research through monthly Research Rounds
  9. Provides a foundation in the principles and theories of educational research, and provides opportunities to hone the skills necessary for success in the field, through ongoing activities which engage the health professions community at UBC
  10. Develops networks with the global health professions education research community

Visit the CHES website for more information. 

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