Clinical Faculty Affairs

​The Office of Clinical Facul​ty Affairs is an advocate for, and fosters recognition and reward of, clinical faculty. The office facilitates two-way communication and understanding between clinical faculty and the Faculty of Medicine. The office promotes clinical faculty development in teaching and scholarly activity, educational leadership and research. It encourages participation of clinical faculty in the administration and operation of the Faculty of Medicine, its Departments, and at various sites throughout BC.

Clinical faculty also are represented by the Clinical Fac​ulty Affairs Committee an advisory group consisting of representatives from each department within the Faculty of Medicine. The members present the concerns of their respective departments to the Director of Clinical Faculty Affairs. 

Top 10 Services

  1. Advocate for Clinical Faculty
  2. Primary contact in FOM for Clinical Faculty
  3. Resource for FOM administrative staff on Clinical Faculty issues
  4. Develop and recommend amendments and enhancements  to the Policy on Clinical Faculty Appointments and the Clinical Faculty Compensation Terms
  5. Monitor changes in the FOM and Health Authorities that may affect Clinical Faculty
  6. Design and implement Clinical Faculty recognition initiatives
  7. Develop and coordinate Clinical Faculty Awards
  8. Promote the profile of Clinical Faculty in FOM and externally
  9. Contribute to the development of processes and practices to ensure compliance to the Clinical Faculty Compensation Terms.
  10. Assist FOM administrative staff to obtain Working Permits for foreign health care professionals seeking Clinical Faculty appointments

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Vice Dean, Health
Director, Clinical Faculty