Curriculum Management Unit

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 Top 10 Services

  1. Maintain an accurate and up-to-date curriculum management system (ENTRADA) which permits Associate Deans, faculty members, students and administrators to search MD undergraduate program (MDUP) curricular content in a user friendly manner. 
  2. Provide support to establish standardized, consistent curricular vocabulary and measurable objectives for the MDUP curriculum.
  3. Perform searches of the curricular map content for key stakeholders, utilizing appropriate mapping descriptors or search terms. 
  4. Provide leadership to ensure best practices in curriculum mapping and management occur throughout the MDUP. 
  5. Ensure all educational sessions in the MDUP curriculum link to the outcome objectives of the MD undergraduate program (the exit competencies required of graduates).
  6. Facilitate curriculum planning by providing evidence which helps identify unintended curriculum deficiencies and redundancy.
  7. Perform annual review of curricular data for each session in the MDUP and provide curricular information as requested to help satisfy the LCME/CACMS accreditation standards. 
  8. Utilize new or existing technology and software resources to help minimize duplication of effort, reduce errors and contain costs. 
  9. Provide faculty with information that describes the spiraling of key concepts across the 4 year MDUP curriculum.  This information will assist teachers to present educational content which is most appropriate to students’ level of learning. 
  10. Provide educational support to faculty, administrators and other stakeholders on the use of curriculum management tools.
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