Educational Assessment Unit

​​The Educational Assessment Unit is responsible for providing educational support for the development and administration of assessments, for conducting the processing of results and for providing reports on the results from the implementation of the systems for student and teacher assessment in the Faculty of Medicine’s Undergraduate Program.  

Top 10 Services

  1. Provide expert consultation, assistance and operational support to faculty's continuous work on the design, implementation, evaluation and improvement of the student assessment systems including quizzes, exams, progress testing, portfolios, workplace based assessment and Objective Structured Clinical Exams (OSCEs).
  2. Provide specialized educational and pedagogical support (workshops, educational materials, templates) for development of assessment materials (item formats, OSCE stations, student assessment forms, and scoring rubrics).
  3. Provide pedagogical and operational support to the supporting curricular units/ teams to develop and implement new assessment tools.
  4. Consult on, facilitate and support the processes of examination blueprinting and standard setting,  to establish the validity of the programmatic assessment framework of the MDUP by ensuring that the assessment tools map to the learning objective and competencies of the program.
  5. Responsible for the development, planning, and coordination of delivery of OSCEs and written examinations across the province. These core assessment methods are used to evaluate clinical competencies, knowledge, skill level and attitudes essential for practice, at all levels of medical education, from Year 1 of medical school to licensure in Canada.
  6. Apply best practices in supporting the administration of assessment in the distributed sites of the program, ensuring exam fairness, comparability across sites, and optimal conditions for examinees.
  7. Process the results of assessments while ensuring a high degree of scoring accuracy, timeliness, and maintaining confidentiality of secure exam information.
  8. Facilitate the interpretation of results and support assessment decision-making process through conducting quality assurance/quality control and statistical analyses; providing data, statistics, supporting documentation and appropriate reports to students, course faculty, Student Promotions Committee, and the offices of Associate Dean Curriculum and Associate Dean Student Affairs to assist in the decision making process.
  9. Provide consultation and assistance to Student Assessment Subcommittee (SAS) in assessment policy development.
  10. Conduct quantitative and qualitative research in educational assessment with a focus on medical education; collect and analyze data to support long-term planning focusing on policy, practice and program development.

Senior Assessment Coordinator604-875-7111
Exam Administative Assistant604-875-4111
Manager, Assessment Operations, Student Assessment Coordinator (Interim)604-875-4111
Team Lead, Examination Site Administrator604-875-4111
Assessment and Evaluation Coordinator, Year 1 and 2604-875-4111
Written Exam & IMG CAP SCE Coordinator604-875-4111
Assessment Analyst & Team Lead604-875-4111
EAU Administrative Assistant604-875-4111
Assessment Coordinator604-875-4111
Senior Assessment Coordinator604-875-4111
Director of Assessment 604-875-4111 
Examinations Site Administrator 604-875-4111