Health Professions

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Top 10 Services

  1. Provide liaison and strategic Faculty representation for the following health professions programs:
    • MSc Audiology and MSc Speech Language Pathology, School of Audiology and Speech Sciences
    • Master of Physical Therapy (MPT), Department of Physical Therapy
    • Master of Occupational Therapy (MOT), Department of Occupational Sciences & Occupational Therapy
    • Bachelor of Midwifery (BMW), Department of Family Practice
    • MSc Genetic Counseling Program, Department of Medical Genetics
    • Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science (BMLSc), Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
  2. Provide senior oversight for facilitating:
    • accreditation and professional standards including contributing to all evaluative mechanisms.
    • collaboration and integration of teaching and learning initiatives and cross cutting educational themes.
    • identification and resolution of issues that impact program operations.
    • cross-unit planning which supports improved program delivery, student services and resource efficiencies. 
  3. Facilitate the Faculty of Medicine's overall relations and communications with health professionals, internal and external partners, stakeholders and service providers.
  4. Facilitate the health professions alignment with the strategic priorities and plan for the Faculty of Medicine.
  5. Work to embed UBC's strategic priority of enhanced educational opportunities for all students within the educational programs.
  6. Work collaboratively with the health academic and clinical leaders to facilitate the implementation and ongoing support of distributed health education programs and activities across the Province of BC.
  7. Provide a central point of contact for the health professions program leadership and for external stakeholders on matters affecting multiple program areas.
  8. Serve as an advocate for health education programs in senior academic and clinical forums within and external to UBC as required.
  9. Facilitate coordinated educational planning and management across the health programs within the Faculty.
  10. Act as a catalyst to seek funding opportunities and to support advancement of education research and scholarship across the health Professions. 

Interim Associate Dean, Health
Assistant to Program Head, Occupational Science & Occupational
Administrative Manager, Physical
Director of Administration, Family Practice,
Administrative Manager, Occupational Science & Occupational
Assistant to Program Head, Physical
Assistant to Program Head,
Manager Administration, School of Audiology & Speech
Assistant to Director, School of Audiology & Speech
Director of Administration, Genetic Counselling
Executive Assistant to Associate Dean, Health
Director, Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
Program Assistant, Genetic Counselling
Senior Program Assistant, Medical Laboratory