Jul 30
Academic Space and Location Move Project Update

A message from Michael Shakespeare, Executive Director, Finance & Operations.


Dear Colleagues, 

The Academic Space and Location Move Project that supports Vancouver Coastal Health's (VCH) expansion of perioperative suites in Vancouver General Hospital is complete. This project involved the relocation of nearly 300 faculty and staff in over 30 units and I appreciate the cooperation and patience all of you have shown throughout the process.

Planning started several years ago with a comprehensive assessment phase and collaboration with representatives from all units. Once approved by the Steering Committee, the project team began the space planning phase, with further collaboration to understand layout, furniture and amenities needs. The project was not without a few challenges but, in the end, the team successfully executed approximately 50 separate moves over the course of a year, wrapping up at the end of May 2018.

One of our project goals was to reduce the impact of the moves through quick and efficient relocation and set-up of equipment and furniture. Based on survey results, the project team did well in meeting your expectations: 85% said they felt ready when their move day came even if some didn't love the idea of moving; 89% said the move was very smooth or reasonably smooth with minimal disruption; and only a few reported minor issues. Results also showed that stakeholders felt the initiative was transparent in its approach, with 88% saying they were aware of and agreeable with the decision-making criteria that framed the project.

I would like to thank the project team and their colleagues at VCH for their hard work, dedication and unwavering focus on the end user. I would also like to thank all of the Unit Reps who were instrumental in keeping their teams up-to-date and helping them adapt to the change.

Congratulations to all involved.



Michael Shakespeare
Executive Director, Finance & Operations | Faculty of Medicine
The University of British Columbia