April 2019

9 proposals receive strategic investment funding

April 30, 2019

We were very pleased to receive 19 proposals for the spring 2019 Strategic Investment Fund (SIF) call. It was a tough competition with so many excellent proposals. Following detailed review, the advisory group recommended 9 proposals to the Dean for funding, for a total allocation of $761k. When added to the projects funded in the fall 2018 round, the total amount allocated from the 2018/19 SIF budget is about $1.8M. The deadline for the fall 2019 round is likely to be October 15, 2019.

We congratulate the following successful applicants!

Education-related Projects

Digital Pathology: Creation of a 3D Library of Pathological Gross Specimens for Easy Access at All Teaching Sites in BC

Lead: Claudia Krebs, Professor of Teaching, Department of Cellular and Physiological Sciences

Summary: Create a virtual pathology lab by capturing 3D images of pathology specimens to enable equity of access to resources that are tied to one geographical location, and to improve learning outcomes and experiences for students at all sites.

Strategic Plan Objective(s): Primary: E2, E5 / Secondary: P5, R5

Mixed Reality Critical Care Simulation

Lead: Kevin Shi, Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Emergency Medicine

Summary: Create 3D virtual objects that can be overlaid on simulation mannequins to enable mixed-reality simulation, thereby improving preparation of learners for real-life critical situations and reducing simulation costs.

Strategic Plan Objective(s): Primary: E2, E5, R5 / Secondary: P5

Obstetric Crisis Management for Single or Multidiscipline Collaborative Care Providers Using Innovative Virtual Reality Simulation Scenarios for Teaching and Assessment of Performance during Immersive Obstetric Emergency Situations

Lead: Simon Massey, Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Anesthesiology, Pharmacology, and Therapeutics

Summary: Create 3D virtual reality simulation models of a delivery room, operating room, care providers, and patients in order to improve learning outcomes for obstetrics residents, midwifery students, and anesthesia residents through virtual reality crisis training on obstetric emergencies.

Strategic Plan Objective(s): Primary: E2 / Secondary: R5

Accreditation for Public Health Training at UBC

Lead: Peter Berman, Professor and Director, School of Population and Public Health

Summary: Select an appropriate accreditation model, develop a curriculum redesign proposal, and develop an accreditation application. Accreditation is intended to increase alignment of programs with student needs, enhance our international reputation, and increase student recruitment.

Strategic Plan Objective(s): Primary: E1, E2 / Secondary: P5

Research-related Projects

BC Children's Hospital Mental Health Patient Registry

Lead: Evelyn Stewart, Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry

Summary: Establish a BC Children's Hospital Mental Health Patient Registry as a research platform in order to increase researchers ability to use the data for studies and to enable early detection, evaluation, and treatment of mental health disorders in children and youth.

Strategic Plan Objective(s): Primary: R2, R3 / Secondary: R4, P4

Organization-related Projects

Supporting and Developing Clinical Faculty

Lead: Linlea Armstrong, Director, VFMP Faculty Development / Heather Buckley, Coordinator, VFMP Faculty Development

Summary: Engage clinical faculty members through an environmental scan and workshops, and recommend interventions that could provide relevant support to clinical educators and increase clinical faculty engagement.

Strategic Plan Objective(s): Primary: O5 / Secondary: O2

Disruptive Business Model Innovations for General Surgery

Lead: Morad Hameed, Associate Professor and Head, Division of General Surgery, Department of Surgery

Summary: Engage Division of General Surgery members to reorganize the Division into Integrated Practice Units made up of networks of surgeons supported by an online engagement platform. This new organizational structure for the Division is intended to result in improved organizational performance.

Strategic Plan Objective(s): Primary: O1 / Secondary: O4

Breaking the Glass Ceiling: An Appreciative Inquiry and Action Plan for Gender Equity and Inclusivity in the UBC Faculty of Medicine

Lead: Maria Hubinette, Clinical Professor, Department of Family Practice

Summary: Develop and action plan for improved gender equity and inclusivity within the leadership of the Faculty of Medicine, including an evaluation strategy.

Strategic Plan Objective(s): Primary: Strategic Plan Principles of Excellence, Engagement, Equity, and Effectiveness / Secondary: O2, O5, O1, E5

Partnership-related Projects

Indigenous MD Applicant Structured Interview (MMI) Preparation Workshop

Lead: Shahin Shirzad, Assistant Dean, MD Admissions

Summary: Develop and deliver MMI preparation workshops for Indigenous MD program applicants in order to address potential inequities and thereby improve performance of Indigenous applicants on the MMI. The intention is to increase the number of qualified Indigenous medical students, which will eventually increase the number of Indigenous physicians in BC, which could ultimately improve health care and outcomes for Indigenous people in BC.

Strategic Plan Objective(s): Primary: P2, E3 / Secondary: E1