November 2018

8 proposals receive strategic investment funding

November 19, 2018

We were very pleased to receive 26 proposals for the fall 2018 Strategic Investment Fund (SIF) call. It was a tough competition with so many excellent proposals. Following detailed review, the advisory group recommended 8 proposals to the Dean for funding, for a total allocation of $784k. When added to the three projects funded previously out of the 2018/19 SIF budget, the total amount allocated so far from the 2018/19 SIF budget is about $1.1M. The deadline for the spring 2019 round is February 28, 2019.

We congratulate the following successful applicants!

Education-related Project

Career Development Initiative: Preparing the next generation of heart and lung health researchers for careers beyond academia

Lead: Scott Tebbutt, Professor, Department of Medicine

Summary: Build relationships with non-academic organizations to develop new collaborative research projects and internship opportunities for graduate and postdoctoral trainees as part of a robust and sustainable career development and mentorship program that prepares them for careers beyond academia.

Strategic Plan Objective(s): Primary: E1, R5 / Secondary: E5, R1

Research-related Projects

Helping Students Identify and Manage Mental Health Issus in the Post-secondary Setting

Lead: Quynh Doan, Assistant Professor, Division of Emergency Medicine, Department of Pediatrics

Summary: Modify the existing clinical psychosocial evaluation tool for children and adolescents into an eHealth version for use by young adults at UBC to validate its ability to enable early self-detection of mental health issues among UBC students and facilitate their connection with appropriate health resources. This will be a platform for future research into how self-assessment influences students' help-seeking behaviours and their beliefs and attitudes about healthcare seeking.

Strategic Plan Objective(s): Primary: R2 / Secondary: R3, E5

Embedding Patient-oriented Research Training within the Faculty of Medicine: Building capacity in tomorrow's clinician scientists

Lead: Dan Goldowitz, Professor, Department of Medical Genetics

Summary: Create a patient-oriented research project repository that enables match-making for students interested in participating in patient-oriented research projects as part of their training in order to build capacity among graduate and undergraduate students to engage patients and the public in health research.

Strategic Plan Objective(s): R3

Enhancing 3D and 4D Fluorescent Imaging Capability in the LSI

Lead: Ivan Robert Nabi, Professor, Department of Cellular and Physiological Sciences

Summary: Operationalize new technology to enhance time-lapse 4D imaging, super-resolution, and image analysis capability in the LSI enabling cutting edge image science which will lead to innovative research, new discoveries, and high-impact publications.

Strategic Plan Objective(s): R2

Biospecimen Navigator Platform

Lead: Peter Watson, Professor, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine; Director, UBC Office of Biobank Education and Research

Summary: Reduce time, effort, and operational burden for researchers to find the right biospecimens to fuel their health research, maximize use of existing platforms, increase research output, and optimize research funding by creating a Biospecimen Navigator Platform that includes an online biospecimen decision tool, online education modules, enhanced online biobank locator, a consultation and advice desk, and an implementation toolkit.

Strategic Plan Objective(s): R1, R2

Sleep Lab at Home

Lead: David Wensley, Clinical Professor, Department of Pediatrics

Summary: Create the ability to conduct accessible and comfortable at-home sleep assessment of children for research and care by creating an innovative platform and validating/evaluating the selected devices' acceptance, application, and appropriateness.

Strategic Plan Objective(s): Primary: R2 / R1, R3, R5, E2, E5

Partnership-related Projects

Telemedicine Proof-of-Concept Model for a Rural and Remote Dermatology Service

Lead: Jan Dutz, Professor and Head, Department of Dermatology and Skin Science

Summary: Build partnerships and relationships with rural and remote doctors and communities to develop, test, and evaluate a model of dermatology telemedicine, and create a plan for a sustainable service.

Strategic Plan Objective(s): P1, P2, P3, P4, P5, R3, E2, E5

Provider Awareness and Cultural Dexterity Toolkit for Surgeons

Lead: Ahmer Karimuddin and Tracy Scott, Co-Program Directors, General Surgery Residency Program

Summary: Improve patient-centered surgical care and reduce health care disparities resulting from improved ability of surgeons to provide cross-cultural care by delivering, evaluating, and further disseminating a cultural dexterity curriculum to surgical residents.

Strategic Plan Objective(s): Primary: P2 / Secondary: E2