Academic Space & Location Move Project

The Vancouver General Hospital OR Renewal Strategy proposes the creation of new ORs on the third floor of Jim Pattison North (JPN), resulting in the relocation of​ Faculty of Medicine Programs and Departments. The Academic Space and Location Review assessed and defined the space and location needs for affected Units. The implementation phase, the Academic Space & Location Move project, will focus on detailed space planning with affected units, renovations and tenant improvements, followed by moves to the new locations. ​

The addition of new operating rooms is part of VGH's OR Renewal Strategy ​to help improve access to the quality surgical services patients need, when they need them; improve patient safety and quality outcomes; and support innovation in surgical practice and advanced education opportunities. The new ORs will be built in the space currently occupied by the Faculty's academic units on the third floor of Jim Pattison North (JPN), resulting in the need to relocate staff and faculty workspaces, teaching sessions and trainee spaces to alternate locations.   

The Academic Space & Location Review (ASLR) project was launched in June 2016 to explore a wider range of opportunities for space planning.  A final location plan has been developed based on insights from the needs assessment phase, a set of guiding principles, and feedback from Stakeholders and the project Governance Committee, which marked the launch of the Academic Space & Location Move Project. 


Phase 1: Academic Space & Location Review (June 2016 - Feb 2017)

  • Needs assessment & Space review
  • Location Plan development
  • Stakeholder feedback & Governance Committee review
  • Confirmation of space with Vancouver Coastal Health

Phase 2: Academic Space & Location Move Project (Spring 2017 - Spring 2018)

February 27 & 28, 2017:  Project Launch Information sessions

March - June 2017: Detailed Space Planning

  • Development of detailed space plans
  • Requirements gathering: Renovations / Tenant improvements, furniture, network
  • Teaching session relocation planning

Summer 2017:

  • Design / Development
  • DHCC Renovations / Tenant Improvements
  • AV Implementation in teaching spaces
  • Some summer moves

Phase 3: Academic Space & Location Project – Move Planning & Implementation (Fall 2017 – Spring 2018)

September – December 2017

  • October 3 & 10, 2017: Move Planning Information Sessions
  • City Square and UBC Hospital renovations
  • Schedule refinement

December 2017 – Spring 2018: moves

Project Team

Project Team:

  • Project Manager - Tracy Wyman
  • Facilities Planner – Momoko Tojo, Faculty of Medicine
  • Facilities Planner – Barb Gordon, UBC Facilities Planning
  • Facilities Planner - Eileen Koshi, Faculty of Medicine
  • Facilities Planner - Jennifer Lippa, UBC Facilities Planning
  • Academic Learning Spaces Manager– Anil Patel, Faculty of Medicine
  • Project Administrator - Jamie Witt, Faculty of Medicine
  • AV Project Manager - Philip Chow, MedIT, Faculty of Medicine
  • IT Project Manager - Wavel Liu, MedIT, Faculty of Medicine

Unit Representatives:
Allison Rintoul, Anesthesiology, Pharmacology & Therapeutics
Janet Chung, Emergency Medicine
Michael Lim, Digital Emeregency Medicine
Mary Liu, Department of Medicine
Susan Cutts, Orthopaedics
Adeline Chan, Pathology
Wendy Westman, Sean Murphy, Radiology
Bethany Saunders, Surgery
Eric Keogh, Office of Education
Michelle Huebert, CHES
Christina Pow, CPD
Tamiza Abji, Evaluation Studies
Katherine Wisener, Faculty Development
Melanie Pedersen - Postgraduate Medical Education
Catharine Macala, MD Admissions
Janette McMillan, Student Affairs
Donna Rota, Standardized Patient Program
Dean Giustini - Library
Dale Dreffs, Clinical Faculty Affairs
Alison Liversage, Communications
Anil Patel, Academic Learning Spaces
Andrew Glynn, Finance
Allison Kim, Finance
Adrienne Hammond, MedIT

How do I participate?

The participation of staff and faculty throughout the first phase has helped build a location plan that is efficient, effective, and allows for flexibility, and is aligned to organizational goals.

Unit heads have been working directly with the project team to define requirements, comment on proposed options, and they will continue to represent the needs of their units through the detailed space planning phase. 

You are encouraged to share your concerns, ideas or questions with them, or share them with the project team directly.

Submit questions or share concerns and ideas with the project team​​