Learning Experiences

The vision of the UGME Learning Experiences (UGME LE) is to enhance learning experiences which better support MD students’ educational experience while balancing the pedagogical needs and our capacity to deliver in a cost-effective manner over the long term. 

Strategic Plan

The UGME LE also aims to address goals outlined as part of the Education Pillar of the FoM Strategic Plan: 

  1. Invest in program renewal and realignment to meet evolving societal and career requirements.
  2. Exploit disruptive innovation to enrich the learning experience and increase access.
  3. Pursue new program development and expansion where UBC excellence aligns with provincial and global demand.
  4. Transform the clinical placement model and experience to support practical team-based and lifelong learning.
  5. Develop a learning environment conducive to learner, trainee, staff and faculty development and mentorship.


View the Learning Experiences Roadmap for up-to-date timelines and progress.

Future Vision

As a learner

Imagine a place where you can quickly go to see what is coming up next, access the resources you need or see how you are progressing through the curriculum. You can manage your portfolio, drive your own assessment or assess someone who has taught you something.  You are in control of your learning experience, you know where to find help if you need it, and you are on the path of a lifelong learner.

As a faculty member

Imagine there is a place where you can see who you are teaching and where they are in the curriculum with resources to support your learners.  At the same time you can see how you have performed as a teacher and request someone to assess your teaching.  You understand your teaching commitments and are setup to be successful in teaching the next generation of doctors.

As a staff member

Imagine a place where you can quickly identify where your faculty or learners are in the curriculum and schedule, and you have the tools and resources you need to support those who need help.  You have the ability to make adjustments to accommodate problems and unplanned changes with full knowledge of the impact of these changes.  You enable faculty and learners to perform at their best.