Migration to Entrada - MD Undergraduate Program

​In order to meet the needs of the MD Undergraduate Program (MDUP), address student feedback, and respond to the decommissioning of the platform underlying MEDICOL, the MDUP online learning environment is migrating to a new set of tools, the primary one being Entrada.

The MD Undergraduate Program has a unique set of processes that drive our educational technology needs. These needs can be better met by migrating to Entrada, a tool developed specifically for health professions, than by using a generic learning management system.

The migration will take a transitional approach, with different system functions transitioning at different phases. The details of these phases are outlined below.

Initiative Phases

Entrada Migration Timeline.PNG

Initiative Leadership

Executive Sponsorship

  • Roger Wong, Executive Associate Dean, Education
  • Jennifer Golinski, Senior Director, Education Program and Services

Initiative Sponsorship

  • Academic Sponsor: Cheryl Holmes, Interim Assistant Dean, MD Undergraduate, Curriculum
  • Administrative Director Sponsor: To Be Determined

Initiative Management

  • Gary Rosborough, Senior Manager, Educational Technology
  • Rob Brackenbury, Program Manager, Years 1 & 2, Vancouver Fraser Medical Program
  • Jennifer MacMillan, Program Manager, Years 1 & 2, Island Medical Program