SPACE Booking Phase II

Redesigning the processes and tools for booking space at the Faculty of Medicine.

The SPACE Booking Phase II project started in 2018 with the goal of simplifying room booking. In spring 2019, the first improvements were launched:

  • Improvements to Resource Scheduler: our current room booking system has been reconfigured to make it easier to find rooms, create reservations, and improve the quality of our data for utilization reporting. More info.
  • Book a Virtual Meeting: meet online with people who do not have Skype for Business. Using a web browser, you can have a videoconference without booking a room. 
  • Simpler booking and support processes, including  
    • Advance booking request template: A new Excel-based tool that streamlines the submission of advance booking requests.
    • Central phone number: Reach the Resource Coordination Team (room booking team) at 1.877.266.0666, option 3.
  • New Room Booking Request Form (temporary): the booking form has been updated to align with the changes in Resource Scheduler. The new form will be phased out when a new room booking website is released this summer.
    • New booking confirmation: the format of the room booking confirmation has also changed as a result of the Resource Scheduler reconfiguration. 

    RoomFinder Website: Summer 2019

    RoomFinder Image.png

    This summer, a new room booking website, RoomFinder, will be launched. It will allow you to see which Faculty of Medicine rooms are available at the time you want to hold your event and enable you to submit your requests directly from the list of available rooms. The website will also include training and reference material to support people who are new to room booking. 

    Access: Campus Wide Login

    In order to meet UBC information security standards, a UBC Campus Wide Login (CWL) will be required for Resource Scheduler and the RoomFinder website. We will provide guest CWL accounts to staff from partner universities and health authorities who frequently book Faculty of Medicine rooms. If you need a CWL, please complete the Room Booking Access Request Form.

    Orientation & Reference Materials

    Book a Virtual Meeting

    Have online meetings using the Faculty of Medicine's videoconference system without booking a room. Intended for people who do not have Skype for Business, Book a Virtual Meeting provides you with a conference ID that allows people to connect via video using a Web Browser. For instructions, see Book a Virtual Meeting.

    Resource Scheduler 

    Update your Resource Scheduler link with:

    Training Material

    Video: How to Navigate and Personalize Resource Scheduler - Demonstrates how to log into Resource Scheduler, navigate to a specific room, personalize the homepage with your location and upcoming reservations, and print schedules for a room.

    Video: How to Create a Room Booking in Resource Scheduler - For people who have been identified as local bookers. Demonstrates how to create local (non-videoconference) room bookings. 

    Resource Scheduler User Guide for Creators - For local bookers. Explains how to create and edit reservations, send confirmation notifications, and more. 

    The videos direct you to log into the Resource Scheduler training system. Any reservations or changes to your profile made in the training system will not be replicated in the live version of Resource Scheduler.

    Room Request Form

    Update your Request Form link:

    See the Room Request Form: New Fields for an overview of the new form.

    Room Booking Confirmation

    For an introduction to the new format and information included in your room booking confirmation, see the Sample Room Booking Confirmation


    Are the room booking priorities changing? 

    The priorities, which are part of the Faculty of Medicine Room Booking Policy, will not change as part of the SPACE Booking Phase II project. Based on feedback recieved throughout SPACE II, the project team will develop policy recommendations which will go to the Facilities and Capital Planning Committee for consideration.

    Why do I need a CWL?

    UBC information security standards require the use of CWL when IT systems collect and store information. 

    How do I get a CWL?

    To request a guest CWL, complete the Room Booking Access Request Form.

    Who will have access to the new version Resource Scheduler?

    People who currently use Resource Scheduler for viewing or booking of rooms will continue to do so.

    Why can't I keep using my shared email address to login Resource Scheduler?

    CWLs are linked to people’s individual email addresses. Since Resource Scheduler will use CWL, shared email addresses will no longer work as login IDs.

    When I try to log into Resource Scheduler, I get a Resource Scheduler error message. What do I do? 

    Resource Scheduler Login Error Message.png

    Your account in the new version of Resource Scheduler may not have been configured. Please fill out the Room Booking Access Request Form so that Resource Coordination Team can complete set-up of your account.  

    When I try to log into Resource Scheduler, I get a "CWL Authentication" error message. What do I do?

    CWL Authentication Stale Request Error.jpg

    See the CWL Stale Request Troubleshooting guide for possible causes and solutions.

    Do I need a CWL if I have Resource Scheduler access today?

    Yes. All existing Resource Scheduler accounts will be replaced by new ones linked to people's CWLs.

    I am a new employee and need access to Resource Scheduler. What do I do?

    Please complete the Room Booking Access Request Form, which will allow the Resource Coordination team to set up an account for you.

    I have a question about the room booking changes. Who can I speak to?

    Please contact the Resource Coordination Team at


    In 2016, the Faculty of Medicine conducted an assessment of the systems and processes used for the booking of space and technology support. The assessment, called the SPACE Booking project, identified a number of areas for improvement including:

    • Manual steps involving multiple tools/systems makes processes complex and inefficient for people wanting to book spaces and the teams involved in supporting space booking.
    • The way that Resource Scheduler, the main FoM room booking tool, is currently used limits productivity.
    • The processes and systems in place do not support the need for fast, real-time changes to room and technology booking.

    SPACE Booking Phase II was initiated in 2018 to address the opportunities identified, and focus on simplifying room booking processes and tools. Five user groups consisting of representatives from teaching and learning, research, education operations, and Faculty administration have provided critical input throughout the project.