Strategic Investment Fund

The Faculty of Medicine is investing in achieving our strategic objectives.

The UBC Faculty of Medicine's strategic plan, Building the Future, identifies 21 strategic objectives organized into four pillars: Education, Research, Organization, and Partnership.

To enable investment in advancing the objectives, the Faculty created a Strategic Investment Fund of $2M per year. This Fund was made possible through the Program Budgeting and Marginal Analysis (PBMA) exercise.

The following sections describe the process and criteria used to allocate funds. You can download the Strategic Investment Fund proposal form here.

Submission Deadlines

Upcoming Rounds

  • Round 3: October 15, 2018
  • Round 4: February 28, 2019 (tentative)

Past Rounds

Strategic Investment Fund Allocation Process

The Fund will be allocated using the following process.

Step 1: ​Idea & Strategic Alignment

  • Individuals identify and articulate a strategic project requiring investment.
  • Collaboration with Strategic Plan Pillar Leads is recommended except for proposed new education programs (i.e.: new degrees, certificates, courses, etc.), which require collaboration with the Office of Education Innovation.

Step 2: Budget Allocation Proposal

  • Applicant develops a budget allocation proposal, seeks endorsement from the appropriate Pillar Leads, and submits it to

  • It is anticipated that most proposals will come from, or with endorsement from, Pillar Leads and/or Objective Leads.

​Step 3: Review & Selection

  • The Strategic Investment Fund Advisory Group meets approximately two times per year to review proposals based on selection criteria and funds available.
  • The Advisory Group recommends proposal selection and prioritization to the Dean for approval.

Step 4: Communication & Reporting

  • The Advisory Group contacts all applicants to notify them of the decision and rationale, and announces which initiatives are approved.
  • Approved initiatives proceed and report back on progress.

Strategic Investment Fund Allocation Criteria

The Strategic Investment Fund Advisory Group (see below for membership) will use the following criteria to recommend proposal selection and prioritization to the Dean. The Dean will consider the Advisory Group's assessment in light of these criteria to make the final decision.

For an application to be considered, the proposed investment must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Investments must directly support strategic objectives; and
  • Investments must be one-time or term-limited, not recurring.

Applications that meet the minimum requirements will then be evaluated based on the following differentiating criteria:

  • Degree to which the proposed investment will advance a strategic objective or objectives;
  • Degree of definition and measurability (qualitative or quantitative) of expected impact of investments within proposed timeline;
  • Clarity, quality, and feasibility of the implementation plan put forward in the proposal;
  • Availability of funding in the project timeframe;
Proposals will then be reviewed through the lens of the following additional considerations: 
  • Degree to which the proposal leverages additional funding sources; and
  • Whether another source of funding is available and would be more appropriate.

Based on the expected impact, success measures, timeline, and reporting frequency included in the proposal, if an initiative is not proceeding as planned the Strategic Investment Fund Advisory Group may recommend to the Dean that funding be withdrawn from an initiative.

Strategic Investment Fund Advisory Group Terms of Reference

Purpose and Authority

The purpose of the Strategic Investment Fund Advisory Group is to:

  • Recommend to the Dean allocation of the Strategic Investment Fund to appropriate proposals according to the Strategic Investment Fund Allocation Criteria.
  • Review status of successful applications and recommend to the Dean whether to continue funding based on progress.



  • Ex officio
    • Executive Vice Dean (Chair)
    • Strategic Plan Academic Pillar Leads, or delegate
  • Elected
    • Four Department Head and School Director representatives elected by their peers
    • One Regional Associate Dean representative elected by their peers
    • Two Centre and Institute Director representatives elected by their peers
    • One Senior Administrator representative elected by their peers


  • Ex officio
    • Senior Director, Finance
    • Executive Director, Development and Alumni Engagement
    • Manager, Special Projects

The chair may invite others to participate in meetings, as needed.

Appointment Process

Ex officio members are members by virtue of their position. Elected members are identified by their peers through a voting process managed by the Dean's Office.


Ex officio members are members for as long as they hold their position. Elected members are asked to participate for a one-year term with the option for renewal for one additional year if re-elected.


The Advisory Group is chaired by the Executive Vice Dean.

Meeting Schedule and Administration

The Strategic Investment Fund Advisory Group calls for proposals and meets to review proposals and decide which to select two times per year. The duration of each meeting or need for additional meetings will depend on the number of proposals received in that cycle.

The Manager, Special Projects will support the chair by managing the proposal call, review, and selection process, and ensuring that decisions and action items are captured.

A staff member from the Dean's Office will capture meeting notes.

Quorum and Decision Making Process

Quorum is 50% of voting members plus one.

Decisions are normally made by consensus. When consensus cannot be found, the group will decide what to recommend to the Dean through a vote, requiring a simple majority of voting members present to pass.

As an Advisory Group, members may request that differing opinions be included with the recommendation to the Dean.

Lines of Accountability and Communication

The Advisory Group receives proposals requesting Strategic Investment Fund allocation from Strategic Plan Pillar and/or Objective Leads or with their endorsement. Others may also submit proposals, but are strongly encouraged to do so in collaboration with Pillar Leads.

The Advisory Group reviews proposals and selects those that best meet the criteria. The Advisory Group then recommends the selected proposals to the Dean for final fund allocation decision.

At meetings, the Advisory Group also reviews status reports submitted by successful applicants who are implementing their projects. The Advisory Group recommends to the Dean whether to continue funding the initiative based on progress.


The Strategic Investment Fund Advisory Group is responsible for:

  1. Calling for Strategic Investment Fund proposals.
  2. Reviewing proposals according to the criteria in a fair and unbiased manner.
  3. Deciding which proposals best meet the criteria.
  4. Recommending selected proposals to the Dean for final decision.
  5. Requesting status reports from successful applicants and recommending to the Dean whether to continue funding the initiative based on progress.


These terms of reference were approved by the Dean at the Dean's Executive meeting on June 7, 2017.