12/15/20169:00am - 10:30amDHCC 2264 (MOVI 30201)

In this session, we will be going over new templates for submitting Faculty of Medicine faculty merit ranking/Outstanding Academic Performance (OAP) ranking, Performance Salary Adjustment (PSA) requests, and an updated document for detailing the 5.02 Meeting and discussion between the Department Head/School Director and the faculty member.

To RSVP, please click this link. Please feel free to forward the invite to other staff in your unit who are also involved in any of the above process.

Departments/Schools with Academic FacultyFaculty HR Team
1/12/20179:00am - 10:30amLSC 1312 CMR (MOVI 30213)

Details to be announced in due course. To RSVP, click this link.

OpenPaul Hancock
1/19/20179:00am - 10:30amDHCC 11268 (MOVI 30202)

In this session, ​we will be inviting a few Departments from the Faculty to do quick presentations on how merit/OAP processes are done internally within their units in terms of the review process so we can share practices. To RSVP, click this link.

Departments/Schools with Academic FacultyFaculty HR Team and Departments/Schools
3/7/20179:00am - 10:30amDHCC 11268 (MOVI 30213)

​Details to be announced in due course. To RSVP, click this link.

OpenLindi Frost and Korey Onyskevitch

​Please note that the February 7th FoM HR Roundtable has been cancelled.

5/8/20179:00am - 10:30amLSC 1312 CMR (MOVI 30213)

​Details to be announced in due course. To RSVP, click this link.

7/11/20179:45am - 11:15amDHCC 11268 (MOVI 30201)

The roundtable will be cover the 3 Categories of Personality Disorders in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders 5 Manual. We will cover what Personality Disorders are - How to recognize someone who may have a personality disorder and common behaviors, thoughts and feelings of people with personality disorders. We will also cover how to manage interactions with individuals that have a personality disorder and we will provide some tips on staying out of drama during interactions with these individuals.

To RSVP, click this link.

AllMegan Pinfield, Senior Advisor Workplace Mental Health, Human Resources
9/26/20179am - 10:30amDHCC 11268 (MOVI 30202)

Dr. Megan Pinfield PhD RCC is back for another workshop on Managing Mental Health in the Workplace. This workshop will cover:

  • Common Mental Health Conditions in the Workplace
  • Duty to Inquire & Duty to Accommodate
  • When it’s more than mental health… What to do
  • Useful strategies & responses for difficult situations & difficult people.

Please join us for this relevant and timely workshop. Megan Pinfield is the Senior Advisor for Workplace Mental Health at UBC. She works in the department of Human Resources where she provides expert consultation for HR staff in the management of complex mental health cases in the workplace.

To RSVP, click this link.

OpenDr. Megan Pinfield, PhD RCC
11/15/2017Self-Care 101DHCC 11268

​We don’t always take the time to care for and nurture ourselves and we sometimes require support in integrating relaxation and our personal needs into daily life. This session focuses on increasing mental health literacy through self-care for individuals. Participants will learn about the body’s stress response and how to identify these responses in themselves. They will have an opportunity to take a stress index, explore what self-care means to them and identify key UBC resources that can be engaged to support work life integration and positive mental health. To RSVP, click this link.

AllMiranda Massie, Health Promotion Coordinator
1/9/20189:00am - 10:30amLSC 1312 CMR

Understanding mental health challenges can be difficult and knowing how to interact with someone who might be in a mental health crisis can be even more challenging. The goal of this session is to increase mental health literacy while providing tools and skills to respond effectively in a caring and respectful way. Participants will learn skills and knowledge to help better manage mental health problems in themselves, a family member, a friend or a colleague. To RSVP, click this link.

N/AMiranda Massie
3/13/20189am - 10:30amDHCC 2264 / Conference ID 30202

​Karen is a keen student of diversity and inclusion (D&I) issues, having taken the UBC Extended Learning certificate in Intercultural Studies as well as the certificate in International Development. Her presentation will cover a few topics for discussion and learning including: identity, why does D&I matter to you, our unconscious biases, UBC’s experience with D&I as well as available resources related to D&I.

To RSVP, click this link.

Remote participants: To join via Web Browser, go to and enter the 5-digit Conference ID 30202. We recommend Google Chrome, Firefox (Windows) or Safari for Mac.

OpenKaren Larsen, HR Manager, Department of Surgery
5/8/20189:00am - 10:30amLSC 1312 CMR (Conference ID 30202)

Part of your responsibility as a manager at UBC is to plan, organize, direct and control work activities. Unionized staff at UBC have employment terms set out in a Collective Agreement, most management and professional staff are governed by an Agreement on Conditions and Terms of Employment, and certain non‐union employees have their employment terms set out in a handbook published by the University. The Management Rights workshop is intended to provide you with guidance in managing staff while giving appropriate consideration to the various agreements and University policies that may apply.

To RSVP, click this link.

OpenMichael Vizsolyi, Senior Employee Relations Manager, Human Resources
11/13/201810:30am - 12pmLSC 1312 CMR and DHCC 11268

​Please join us on Tuesday, November 13, 2018 at 10:30-12:00pm for an opportunity to meet and speak with Dr. Sara-Jane Finlay, AVP Equity & Inclusion about best practices for equity and diversity in the search process.  In this interactive session, Dr. Finlay will provide suggestions and guidance on advertising, search committee formation, unconscious bias, developing candidate criteria, shortlisting, campus visits and the selection process.

OpenDr. Sara-Jane Finlay, Associate Vice President, Equity & Inclusion
12/4/20189am - 10:30amDHCC 11268

​Our December HR Roundtable is an updated session on Independent Contractor vs Employee.  In particular, we will explain the consequences of error in the assessment process and look at the new HR Fast Track Assessment Form.  The goal is to create greater understanding of both the individual questions and the purpose behind the new form itself.

To RSVP, click this link.

OpenKorey Onyskevitch, Senior Employee Relations Manager and Lindsay Wright, Senior Manager Faculty Relations
5/7/20199:00am - 10:30amLSC 1312 CMR & DHCC 11268

The intention of this session is to provide an overview of the faculty salary increase process, timelines, tips as well as how to fill out the faculty salary incraese spreadsheets. This is to prepare for the upcoming round of increases, which will be effective July 1, 2019. The increase spreadsheets are anticipated to be sent out to administrators and finance sometime in mid-May for processing on the July 15th pay run.

To RSVP, please click this link. Please feel free to forward the invite to other staff in your unit who are also involved in any of the above process.

Administrators at Departments/Schools with Academic Faculty and Finance team involved in faculty salary increases.Faculty HR Team