Forms and procedures for faculty honorarium payments.


An honorarium is a payment to faculty members for work (teaching overload, research or additional administrative duties) that is above and beyond what is typically covered by their regular salary. Honoraria can be paid in a lump sum or spread over a relevant period of time.

Lump Sum

Each request for payment must indicate the reason for the payment and if required, include supporting documentation. For lump sum honoraria: use a Faculty Honoraria Form from the Faculty Relation's website.

Note: faculty members with salary should never be paid salary using a Requisition for Payment or SmartForm. Those faculty members who provide service to the University in an area of specific expertise unrelated to their UBC employment must comply with University Policy #97.

Ongoing Honoraria

For ongoing honoraria: use a Faculty Appointment Form (from the Faculty Relation's website) with the earnings code “HON” and the action/reason code “pay rate change – additional responsibilities”.


Forward the completed paperwork to the FARM Team in the Dean’s Office once departmental processing is complete. The FARM Team will review the request with MedFinance and if approved, will forward to Payroll or Faculty Relations depending on the amount and form of the honorarium.  For further details, please refer to the Faculty Relations’ website.