How to help your staff enroll in the benefits program, and how to calculate benefits costs for staff and student employees.

Benefits for New Hires

Enrolling in payroll, benefits and the UBC pension plan for new hires is easy. They simply visit the UBC HR benefits website to begin the online enrolment process. New employees must have their offer letter handy as they will need to enter the letter’s benefit code into the system. This will allow the system to select the correct benefit package.

The benefit enrolment package includes the payroll direct deposit form. The enrolment package should be completed as soon as possible to avoid a delay in receiving pay.   

Upon completing the enrolment process, employees must print, sign and return the entire package to: 

UBC Financial Services (GSAB)
305-2075 Wesbrook Mall
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z1 

If Financial Services (payroll) does not receive the direct deposit form in time to make the pay run, they may issue a manual cheque. The employee must collect the cheque in person at the above address and must present photo ID to pick up. Once payroll receives the direct deposit form, they automatically switch the employee to direct deposit pay. 

Calculating Benefit Costs for Staff 

Ensure sufficient funding is available for all employees including the cost of all associated benefits. The following tools are available through UBC Finance to help determine costs: 

Also see information on how to calculate staff vacation benefits.​

Benefits for Students

Students are not entitled to benefits unless they are employed in staff positions in which case eligibility is determined by the applicable collective agreement or handbook

Calculating Benefit Costs for Students

Ensure sufficient funding is available for all student employees including the cost of all associated benefits. The Benefits Cost Calculator determines the costs of benefits and statutory deductions costs for student employees.

Student Statutory Holiday Pay

If a student meets the eligibility requirements under the BC Employment Standards guidelines, he/ she is eligible to receive statutory holiday pay. Essentially, he/ she must have been employed by UBC for 30 days before the statutory holiday and have worked or earned wages on 15 of the 30 days immediately before the statutory holiday. Most students will not meet the second requirement.  

Also see information related to student vacation pay and student sick time.