Salary Scales

​Find salary scales and ranges for employees.

​​Salary Scales exist for all staff employee groups on campus.

Some employee groups like CUPE 2950 have specific salaries for each position according to its classification and associated pay grade. Other groups, like M&P and TRA, provide salary ranges with managers having some freedom to determine hiring salary and progression to mid-point and maximum.  

Salaries for M&P staff are determined according to a salary grid which is divided into 38 job families and 16 salary levels. The 38 job families represent the different type of work M&P employees perform across campus, including Accounting, Administration, Educational Programming, Information Systems & Technology and Student Management.  Each job family is further divided into levels according to the type of work performed and the scope and complexity of the position. Levels range from A-H and each Level is assigned a pay grade from 1-16.