A manager's how to when an employee is preparing for retirement.


When a staff member decides to retire they should be encouraged to review the Retirement Checklist on the Human Resources website to assist them in planning for their retirement.  Here an itemized list of benefits and privileges after retirement is provided.  Conditions are also outlined for changes in relatively recent retirement legislation (2008) extending the mandatory retirement for BC employees past the normal retirement age of 65.

Departure Check Form

UBC Human Resources provides a Departure Check Form to assist the Administrator when an employee is laid off, terminated, resigns, retires, or is permanently transferred to another unit.   This is an internal document which is not required to be sent to UBC Payroll or UBC Human Resources.

Notice Form

Documentation required for retirement includes completion of a Transfer and Severance Notice Form available on UBC Payroll website with completion assistance of this form on the UBC Human Resources website.  The Transfer and Severance Notice Form needs to be forwarded to FoM Finance for approval prior to processing by UBC Payroll.

Specific terms and conditions of retirement for each employee group can be referred to in the corresponding Collective Agreements available on the UBC Human Resources website.

Your To Do List

In summary, the following action items are required for a departing employee:

  • Review the Retirement Checklist
  • Complete the Departure Check Form
  • Complete the Transfer and Severance Notice Form
  • Conduct an Exit Interview &/or ask staff to complete the On-Line Exit Survey