Reporting Accidents/Incidents

​​​Find incident reporting procedures, safe work procedures, and a sample health and safety orientation form for clinical placements.​

​​Clinical Health & Safety


Every incident or accident must be reported via the UBC Faculty and Staff Incident/Accident Online Form. The form must be completed by the supervisor of the involved person, even if no injuries were sustained.

This applies to:

  • UBC staff or faculty
  • UBC practicum/clinical placement students
  • UBC students or visitors
  • UBC contractors


Visit the UBC Risk Management website for information, procedures and forms.

Clinical Safe Work Procedures

​Health & Safety Orientation

Faculty of Medicine students are provided with WorkSafeBC coverage when participating in clinical placements in BC. Students are eligible for workers’ compensation if they experience work-related illness or injuries while doing their practicum in BC. Volunteer medical experiences and out-of-province electives are not covered by WorkSafeBC. During clinical placements, students need to be oriented to the workplace and all incidents require reporting and follow up by UBC.

Prior to commencing a clinical placement, all students are required to complete mandatory health and safety orientations and the University is obligated to maintain these records.


Use this Health & Safety Orientation Form as a reference.

Contact Paul Gill, Manager, Health & Safety Advisor, for assistance in developing orientations.


Paul Gill
Manager, Health & Safety Advisor | Faculty of Medicine
Phone 604 827 1982
336 – 2389 Health Sciences Mall, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z3