New Faculty Members

​Questions New Faculty Members Should Ask:  

Based on the 1999 retreat of UBC Faculty organized by TAG, the following are suggested as some of the questions new faculty members may want to ask Department Heads/School Directors and Mentors.  

A. Job
  • Review expectations of Department Head re: position.
  • How do I get tenure?
  • What is performance appraisal system, i.e. nature, frequency?
  • How often are we going to meet and should I initiate it or the Department Head/School Director? (or mentor)
  • To whom do I go for help if I have a problem with my School Direcor/Department (or Division) Head? (A safe person)
  • What about support staff/secretarial time?
  • Do I have a budget to work with?
  • What committees should I belong to?
  • Am I responsible for covering my own teaching?
  • Must I cover for others?
B. IT & Library
  • Which list serves should I belong to (and URL bookmarks)?
  • What library resources are there? How do I get the library to order materials? To whom do I complain if my journal is cancelled? How soon must I order reserve materials? [What services are provided by the library at the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC]
  • Who is the library liaison for the faculty?
  • How do I order texts from the bookstore?
  • How do I get e-mail/internet?
  • Who is the IT contact person?
C. Logistics
  • What is available to orient me campus-wide?
  • Where do I get keys and how do I get parking?
  • Where do I get ID? (teaching hospital)
  • What are the safety regulations (fire, safety & WCB)?
  • What are the resources and facilities for parking in university activities beyond my department?
  • What union contracts are we obliged to honour?
  • What about personal security issues, e.g. working late hours?
  • What about car pooling, ride sharing, other transportation….campus? What about shuttle service from campus to teaching hospitals?
D. Support
  • What funds are available?
  • What practical guidelines exist for me?
  • What resources are available to support me re: equity, unfair criticism?
E. Benefits
  • What are the expectations if I get sick (or my child/parent gets sick)?
  • How do I get financial advice to manage my pension plan?
  • What about holiday time?
  • What about housing plans/loans?
  • What about health/dental benefits?
  • What about long-term sick time?
  • What about maternity/paternity leave?