My HR - Faculty

​​​​​​Find faculty services, resources and information to help you work, develop and succeed in your role.


Information about the city, University, Faculty of Medicine and getting started at all four University Aca​demic ​​Ca​mpuses.

Appointments, Promotion & Tenure

Information to guide you through the appointment, promotion and tenure processes.​​

Leaves & Vacations

Information about paid and unpaid leaves, attendance and vacation.

Benefits & Compensation

​Information about UBC’s total compensation – salary, payroll, benefits, honoraria and perks.

​​Career & Professional Development

Find courses and workshops to support career & professional development, including annual activity report procedures.

Awards & Recognition

Information and tools to assist in nominating faculty members for awards and distinctions.

Working Environment

​Resources to ensure you have a safe and healthy work environment, including equity & professionalism services, and reporting accidents/incidents.


​​Information about leaving the University, including retirement, resignation and termination.