​Vacation benefits are offered as part of UBC’s overall commitment to help staff and faculty achieve work-life balance. Depending on your UBC employee group, you are entitled to take vacation time and have your vacation pay calculated based on your length of employment.  

How to Submit a Vacation Request

Generally, vacation requests are arranged between you and your supervisor.Contact your Department Administrator or HR Advisor at the FoM for details about your vacation benefits, and how you can submit a request for time off.

How Vacation Pay is Calculated

Vac​ation benefits are determined by employee group and length of service at UBC. Each employee group outlines the vacation accrual amounts and increases for completion of years of service. For more information about vacation benefits, please select your employee group:

Vacation pay is calculated in weeks and/or days over a standard calendar year: January 1 to December 31. Regardless of when you commence employment within the calendar year, it is considered your first vacation year. For example, if you started with UBC on either May 19th, 2012 or December 30th, 2012 you would move to 2nd year entitlements on January 1st, 2013.  

Partial years (year of hire or resignation) are pro-rated depending on the number of days/months worked.

Please note that there is a maximum amount of hours you are allowed to carry over to the following year.

During the course of your career at UBC, you may change employee groups but the years of service will accumulate altogether. For example, if you worked in a CUPE 2950 position for 5 years and then moved to an M&P position, your vacation benefit would change according to the agreements, but your 5 years of service would apply to the M&P benefit.