Salary Scales

​​Learn about salary scales by employee group.​

Salary Scales exist for all staff employee groups on campus.​

Some employee groups like CUPE ​2950 ha​ve specific salaries for each position according to its classification and associated pay grade. Other groups, like M&P and NUT/TRA, provide salary ranges with some freedom in hiring salary and progression to mid-point and maximum.
Salaries for M&P staff are determined according to a salary grid which is divided into 38 job families and 16 salary levels. The 38 job families represent the different type of work M&P employees performed across campus, including Accounting, Administration, Educational Programming, Information Systems & Technology and Student Management. Each job family is further divided into levels according to the type of work performed and the scope and complexity of the position. Levels range from A-H and each Level is assigned a pay grade from 1-16.