A guide to ending your position and providing notice.


For staff leaving the University, Human Resources has assembled a checklist of items to help you with all the details involved in ending your service. 
These items include:
  • Providing adequate notice of you leaving
  • Submitting outstanding benefit claims
  • Pension Plan Options
  • Unutilized vacation
  • Requesting your Record of Employment from payroll
  • Return of UBC credit cards
  • Returning keys, parking pass, cellular phones, security cards, etc.
  • Updating your contact information with UBC Payroll
  • Completing the UBC Exit Survey


When ending your time at UBC, you are required to give your employer notice of your departure in writing. The length of the notice time varies according to your employment group.  See the handbooks or agreements for your specific employee group for additional information or the notice requirements provided on the UBC HR website.