Whether retirement is around the corner or a long time away, it is important to plan for your retirement well in advance and understand the options available. 

UBC Human Resources and the UBC Pension Office are available to assist you in answering any questions you may have regarding your benefits, receiving your pension or queries regarding your pension plan. 

Planning Tools

A number of different tools exist to plan your retirement.  These include:

  • Pension
  • Health Benefits
  • Retirement & Survivor Benefits
  • Life Insurance
  • Working past your normal retirement date
  • Listing of related Government Agency websites relating to retirement 


Please note you must officially retire from your position by supplying written and sufficient notice with a firm retirement date in order for your unit to make the appropriate operation planning decisions.  The length of the notice time varies according to your employment group.  See the handbooks or agreements for your specific employee group for additional information or the notice requirements provided on the UBC HR website.


We also recommend you review the Retirement Checklist provided by Human Resources to ensure a smooth transition to retirement.  This includes contacting: 

  • Payroll - Financial Services
  • Keys & Access Control Office
  • Pension Administration Office
  • UBC Human Resources for Life Insurance
  • UBC Human Resources for Health Benefits

Privileges after Retirement

The University also offers a number of privileges after retiring.  These include access to the:  

  • Library
  • Pool /Aquatic Centre
  • Parking
  • UBC 25/35 Year Club