Transfer & Promotion

Guidelines for moving into a new position.


If you are transferring or have been hired into a new position from another UBC unit, you should familiarize yourself with the New Employee Checklist provided by UBC Human Resources as many of the items suggested for a new UBC employee also apply to existing staff members being transferred or promoted.

You should also review the UBC Human Resources Resignation Checklist as many of the items on this checklist also apply to those employees transferring to a new UBC position. For example, return of keys, canceling procurement cards, supplying contact information, etc. also apply to current employees starting a new position.


Please note you must officially resign from your position by supplying written and sufficient notice with a firm resignation date in order for your unit to make the appropriate operation planning decisions.  The length of the notice time varies according to your employment group.  See the handbooks or agreements for your specific employee group for additional information or the notice requirements provided on the UBC HR website.

A Transfer and Severance Notice Form is required to be submitted to UBC Payroll prior to your departure and the start of your new position to ensure the successful exchange of information between units and UBC Payroll.  Discuss the completion and submission of the Transfer and Severance Notice to UBC Payroll with your Administrator or Supervisor. You should request a copy for your own records to ensure all information is correctly communicated to your new unit.

In addition, your unit may ask you to participate in an exit interview.  Exit interviews supply valuable information to units regarding following and promoting the core values of University people practices - respect, dignity, integrity, trust and inclusivity.