Meet Betsa Parsa

Betsa parsa.jpgJob Title  

Research Assistant

Department | Campus

Department of Physical Therapy and GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre

How long have you worked at the Faculty of Medicine? 

Since September 2017 

Tell us what you do at the Faculty in one or two sentences: 

I’m involved in conducting a research project about clinical faculty in the health professions. I’m also engaged in some physical therapy-related research projects.

What’s your favourite thing about your work? 

I really enjoy connecting with people and I appreciate the opportunities that my work provides for me to work with friendly people from different departments.

One thing we might be surprised to learn about you?  

I still dream of becoming an author one day! A few years ago, quite accidentally, I wrote a very short piece of creative non-fiction. What I wrote was terrible, but the experience was so profound and joyful that made me think of creative writing as a possible path, even at older ages.

What is the song you sang out loud as a teenager? 

As a teenager, I liked many songs from George Michael or Bryan Adams. But I grew up in Iran, in a very different era. The era of idealism, Sufism and Rumi’s poems.  So songs that I used to sing out loud as a teenager were reflections of that era and mainly Persian traditional music.   

What makes you laugh? 

My kids, especially when they write or say things about me. Once my son told his preschool teacher that I was sixteen years old. 

One thing on your desk you brought from home? 

My lunch bag.   

Most healthy habit: 

I’ve set a few healthy rules for myself: to walk 10,000 steps every day, to eat less sugar, and to drink less coffee, but there are always times that I feel too tired to walk, too hungry to ignore sugar, and too sluggish to function without coffee. I guess my most constant habit would be the sense of guilt that comes right after breaking my healthy rules.

What is your favourite vacation spot and why? 

Years ago my father took us to a desert in the centre of Iran (Maranjab), a place where all we could see was the blue sky, golden sand, and the vibrating image of the sky in a mirage. There was some sort of tranquility in that place, a type of beauty that I had never seen in any other place. My dream vacation is to go back to that spot one more time and see if that beauty was real or just the creation of my youthful mind.