Grant Applications

​​​​Dean’s Office, Research is responsible for the review and approval of all grant applications submitted by a member of the Faculty. All applications require signatures from the Department Head/School Director and Centre Director (where applicable), and must include the necessary supporting documentation before they are approved and signed off by the FoM. Please ensure that you are familiar with the procedures well in advance of submitting your application(s) to Dean’s Office, Research.


​Application deadlines, timelines, procedures and frequently asked questions for CIHR competitions.


Application deadlines, timelines, and procedures for MSFHR competitions.​

NSERC Discovery Grant

Application deadlines and procedures for the NSERC Discovery Grant.

​​Operating Grants

Required documents and signatures for operating grant applications.

Salary Awards

Generic requirements for external salary award applications.​

General FAQs

Frequently asked questions about grant applications.

Application Timelines

General and competition-specific timelines for grant applications.

Forms & References

Find the latest version of required forms and useful references for grant applications.