Proposal Development

​Proposal development support for peer-reviewed grants and awards

Salary Awards

A salary award is a competitive, peer reviewed award that is paid in part as salary to a faculty member. Examples include CRC, CIHR New Investigator and MSFHR Scholar Awards. Salary award applications in the Faculty of Medicine must be reviewed by the Faculty of Medicine Research Office prior to submission. General inquiries regarding Faculty of Medicine review can be directed to Juzer Kakal, Strategic Programs Officer.

Institutional Grants

Institutional grants are proposals that are submitted to funding agencies by UBC through the Institutional Programs Office (IPO) or VPRI. Examples include funding opportunities offered by CFI BCKDF, CERC, CFREF. These applications undergo rigorous internal review and adjudication by UBC in partnership with the Faculty of Medicine prior to submission to the funding agency. Details for each opportunity are communicated as they become available. General inquiries can be directed to Juzer Kakal, Strategic Programs Officer.

Tri-Council Funding

The Faculty of Medicine works in partnership with the UBC SPARC Office to provide grant development and internal review services for most Tri-Council funding (CIHR, NSERC, SSHRC) opportunities. These services are highly recommended for all Faculty of Medicine researchers applying for Tri-Council funding. Please visit the SPARC website or contact Juzer Kakal, Strategic Programs Officer at the Faculty of Medicine for further details.