CIHR Project Scheme

Procedures and timelines for the CIHR Project Scheme competition.​​

Important Dates
August 15, 2018

Register for Project Grant via ResearchNet.

Check with your Department/School

​Application package sent to Department Head/School Director office for review & approval

See below for application package details.

September 5, 2018

​Application package sent to Dean’s Office or affiliated hospital research office, hard copy or via email, for review & approval (FoM Internal Deadline).

September 6, 2018
​Application package (printed if necessary), approved by Faculty, and taken to ORS (UBC Internal Deadline)
September 11, 2018 | 8:30am​Applicant submits application on ResearchNet
September 12, 2018 | 4:30pm​ORS approves application on ResearchNet (CIHR Application Deadline)


For the CIHR Project Grant competition, the Faculty of Medicine (FoM) has agreed with the Office of Research Services (ORS) on the following procedures/timelines:

  1. Your application package must be submitted to the Dean’s Office or affiliated hospital research office by Wednesday, September 5th, 2018 for Faculty approval. You have the option of dropping off a paper copy or emailing it to the Faculty signature contact for your site. Note that Bryan Wong ( is the contact for Faculty approval for those located at the UBC Point Grey campus. See below for a complete list of the required items.
    NOTE: These documents will not be returned to you as they will be taken to ORS, who will approve your application on ResearchNet.
  2. Your documents will be printed (if sent by email) and after Faculty approval, taken to ORS.
  3. Your application must be submitted via ResearchNet no later than 8:30am on Tuesday, September 11th, 2018.
  4. ORS will electronically approve your application via ResearchNet for submission to CIHR.

Please remember that you can continue working on your research proposal up until you submit on ResearchNet on September 11th, even after you have submitted your application package for Faculty approval.

To avoid system issues which may cause delay in the submission process on the deadline day, you are highly encouraged to submit early. While ORS makes best efforts to submit all applications on time and to facilitate support for our research community, application packages submitted for Faculty approval after September 5th may not receive a guarantee of administrative review from ORS which includes confirmation of application completeness.

Required Documents

Required Documents to be submitted to the FoM for the CIHR Project Scheme competition:

  1. Completed Research Project Information Form including the following signatures:
    1. the Principal Investigator
    2. Department Head or School Director
    3. Research Centre Director (if using research space within a Senate-Approved Research Centre, identified with an asterisk on the Academic & Research Units page)
    4. Life Sciences Institute Director (if using research space within the Life Sciences Building, but excludes researchers using space within the Centre for Blood Research)
  2. Complete application, including the following sections:
    • CIHR Application Details (download from ResearchNet under "Preview application materials" task)
    • Complete Summary page
    • Other Applicant page, if applicable
    • Budget module, including written justifications
    • Signed letter(s) of support from Partners (cash or in-kind), if applicable

Please also review the ORS website for the CIHR-specific Agency Application Requirements & Procedures.

If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact Bryan Wong at the FoM (, or Donna Lei ( or Wendy Hudelson ( at ORS.