MSFHR Implementation Science Team

​​​Requirements, deadlines and procedures for the MSFHR Implementation Science Team program.
The MSFHR Implementation Science Team (IST) Program is designed to support the implementation and adoption of evidence-based, implementation-ready interventions that will improve the quality and effectiveness of health, health services and care.

MSFHR has launched the new 2018 Implementation Science Team (IST) Program. ApplyNet is now accepting applications.

Competition guidelines and instructions are available on the MSFHR website at

Important Dates
Check with your Department/School

​Application package sent to Department Head/School Director office for review & approval

April 6, 2018

​Application package sent to Dean’s Office or affiliated hospital research office, hard copy or via email, for review & approval (FoM Internal Deadline).

See below for application package details.

April 10, 2018

​Application package (printed if necessary), approved by Faculty, and taken to ORS (UBC Internal Deadline)

April 13, 2018 | 8:30am
​Applicant submits application on ApplyNet (Applicant's eSubmission Deadline)
April 16, 2018 | 4:30pm
ORS approves application on ApplyNet (MSFHR Application Deadline*)

*Please check the MSFHR website for the most up-to-date deadlines.


  1. Check with your Department/School for its internal deadline for the review of your MSFHR IST application. See below for a list of the required items.
  2. Please also ensure that you are using the correct email address for your Department Head or School Director's ApplyNet account.
  3. Your application package must be sent to the Dean's Office or affiliated hospital research office by Friday, April 6, 2018. You have the option of dropping off a paper copy or emailing it to the Faculty signature contact for your site. Note that Bryan Wong ( is the contact for Faculty approval for those located at the UBC Point Grey campus.
  4. Submit your application on ApplyNet by 8:30am on April 13, 2018. Your Research User Co-Lead(s) and Researcher Co-Leads (if any) will need to submit their tasks before you can submit your application.
  5. ORS will approve your application on ApplyNet for submission to MSFHR by 4:30pm on April 16, 2018.

Please remember that you can continue working on your research proposal up until you submit on ApplyNet on April 13, even after you have submitted your application package for review.

Required Documents

A complete application package consists of the following items:

  1. Research Project Information Form, signed by the UBC Department Head or School Director. UBC Centre Director signature is also required if the applicant will be using research space within a Centre.
  2. First few pages from MSFHR Full Application, including Contact Information, Host Institution, Project Information, and Third Party sections.
  3. Department Head form, signed by the UBC Department Head or School Director (please use template, see "Department Head Form" section).
  4. Implementation Science Team Budget Form (using the Excel template provided by MSFHR).
  5. Sponsor letter, if applicable (see Sponsor Letter" section for details).

Department Head Form

MSFHR requires the completion of the Department Head form online to support each application for the IST program. Applicants are asked to draft this document, and then send to their UBC Department Head for review and approval. We highly recommend that Department/School administrators and HR staff are involved with the completion and review of these forms to ensure accuracy of the details provided within.

Please use the following template for the Department Head form:

Unlike other MSFHR competitions, the Department Head form can be submitted on ApplyNet at any point, prior to Faculty approval. Once submitted, changes to the form contents cannot be made.

Sponsor Letter

Partner and Clinical faculty applicants have an appointment at UBC, but may be employees of (i.e. paid by) another institution. In such cases, the applicant may be required to obtain a letter from their employer, addressed to their UBC Department Head/School Director, to be included in the application package for Departmental and Faculty approval. This sponsor letter should address the following:

  1. If applicable - Other responsibilities of the applicant (teaching, administrative work, community service, etc.)
  2. If applicable - Available resources to the applicant (salary support, administrative support, infrastructure and equipment, human resources, etc.)

If the UBC Department Head/School Director has the authority to comment on items 1-2 above, then the sponsor letter will not be required.