Please Note: These instructions are only meant for chairholders who are renewing their CRCs within the Faculty of Medicine. For information, please contact the Office of Research at the Faculty of Medicine.

Application Timelines

Spring 2019Fall 2019​Spring 2020​
​UBC and FoM Internal Review DeadlineFeb 22, 2019​Aug 23, 2019​Feb ​21, 2020
​UBC Final Submission Deadline Apr 12, 2019​Oct 11, 2019​​Apr 10, 2020
​​CRC National Submission DeadlineApr 24, 2019​Oct 21, 2019​Apr 20, 2020​
​​Results Announcement ​Oct 2019Apr 2020
Nov 2020

*all deadlines above are at 09:00H PDT, unless specified otherwise

UBC and FoM Internal Reviews

This is a review of the full drafts of the CRC Nomination form, CRC CV including CV Attachments and affiliated infrastructure application (if applicable) by the UBC CRC Internal Review Committee and the Office of Research at Faculty of Medicine. The Committee’s mandate is to provide constructive feedback on your application in order to assist you in preparing the best nomination possible, and to provide guidance to the President in ensuring that only strong nominations are put forward. Comments from the CRC Internal Review Committee will be forwarded to nominees following the IRC meeting by the UBC CRC Secretariat. It is not expected that your application will be finalized at this stage, the application must be completed to the fullest extent possible. Descriptions of each of these sections is provided below.

By this deadline, you are also required to submit an executed copy of the Nomination signature pages and the three letters of reference (addressed to the CRC Secretariat in Ottawa). All of these materials should be emailed only to and not directly to Ottawa. Hard copies must be forwarded by mail to the Provost Office, 6th floor, Koerner Library.

UBC Final Submission

By this deadline, the complete versions of the finalized, signed CRC nomination, CV (including attachments), letters of reference and CFI application (if applicable) need to be completed online. At noon, you will no longer be able to edit any elements of your application. The UBC CRC Secretariat will secure the President's signature on the finalized application and submit the nomination to the CRC Secretariat in Ottawa for the national submission deadline.

Application Procedures

You must submit your CRC renewal application before your CRC term ends. Therefore, you may submit a renewal application either 1 or 2 rounds before your CRC end date. The UBC CRC Secretariat/Faculty of Medicine will send you a reminder e-mail and upload your renewal application on the CRC portal.

UBC will submit the final CRC nomination, but each nominee is required to sign in online and upload the full nomination package (nomination form, Chairs CV, and three letters of reference). The final full application must be submitted both electronically and as a paper copy with original signatures by the Final Submission Deadline indicated above.

Sign into your CRC account

  1. The UBC CRC Secretariat will send a reminder e-mail to confirm your renewal and upload your CRC renewal application to the online portal.
  2. Go to to sign into the online portal
    • Sign in using the username (usually your e-mail address) and password you created during the initial CRC nomination process
    • If your your username, password, and PIN have changed, please forward the new information to the UBC CRC Secretariat (
      • on the portfolio page, click on the "modify/Update CV" link and the PIN is located at the top.  

* Help with online forms is available at or (613) 995-4273.

Complete your CRC application

Once your Portal login information has been received, and UBC has uploaded your application, complete your Nomination form on the online portal

  • You are required to email an executed copy of the Nomination signature pages* to the UBC CRC Secretariat at; and forward a hard copy  to the Provost's Office, 6th floor, Koerner Library.

*Click on the printer icon (Print Preview) on the nomination link to print out the Signature pages at the end of the pdf.


The CRC application is comprised of the following sections as outlined on the Nomination form template:

  1. Performance Report (maximum six pages excluding a) executive summary (total 7 pages) – written by the nominee (first person))

    a. Executive summary (100 words maximum, on a separate page)

    b. Quality of the chair

    c. Research program

    d. Engagement with research users and communication of results

    e. Description of proposed training strategies

    f. Integration with the institution's strategic research plan

  2. Quality of the Nominee (written by nominee (first person)). Here, a CRC caliber nominee is considered to be:
    • recognized internationally as an outstanding and innovative world-class researcher whose accomplishments have made a major impact in their field (Tier 1); or
    • an excellent emerging researcher of world-class caliber who has demonstrated particular research creativity and the potential to achieve international recognition in their field within the next five to ten years (Tier 2).
  3. Description of the proposed research program (maximum six pages excluding a) executive summary and f) list of references (total 8 pages) – written by the nominee (first person))
  4. a. Executive summary (100 words maximum, on a separate page)

    b. Context

    c. Methodology

    d. Engagement with research users and communication of results

    e. Description of proposed training strategies

    f. List of references (maximum one page, on a separate page)

  5. Quality of the Institutional Environment, the Institutional Commitment, and the Fit of the Proposed Chair with the University's Strategic Research Plan (drafted on behalf of the department, third person)

This CRC_Renewal_TEMPLATE.docx is provided to guide you through crafting the sections above. The template is provided as a guideline only and in any cases where the information in this template is different from that on the CRC website, please follow the CRC website directions.

CV and Attachments

The CV must include Contact information, Areas of Expertise, Academic Background, Experience (academic, research, professional and industrial) Research Funding/Support, and attachments outlined under the CV attachments section as per this template provided by CRC.

Letters of Reference

Nominees must obtain three letters of reference* as per the CRC guidelines at

For Tier 1 nominations all three letters must be from established authorities in the field. One letter must be from an international authority in the field, i.e., a recognized authority in the nominee's field who does not reside in the country in which the nominee is currently working. Letters in support of Tier 1 nominations should emphasize the international stature of the nominee, the specific impacts of their research, the broader value of their research contributions, and HQP.

For Tier 2 nominations, one of the letters must be from an established authority in the field who is not in a conflict of interest with the nominee. The other two letters must be from referees who are not affiliated with the nominating institution, unless they are the nominee's PhD or postdoctoral supervisor. All three letters should emphasize the nominee's potential and ability to independently lead a program of research and establish an international reputation during their five years as a Tier 2 Chair.

A Nominee may wish to consult with their Department Head or Associate Dean, Research, regarding referee selection. The following templates may be used for requesting letters:

CRC RefLetter Req - Tier 1.docx

CRC RefLetter Req - Tier 2.docx

*It is the responsibility of the nominee to ensure that referees are not in conflict of interest. The CRC conflict of interest guidelines are provided here. Should a referee conflict later be identified by the National Office, the CRC Executive Director will contact the UBC CRC Secretariat. Peer review of the nomination may be delayed into the next intake cycle.


Nominees are asked to suggest three external reviewers (note distinction between reviewers and referees). Nominees may identify preferred reviewers or select from the lists available at http://ww The final selection of reviewers is at the discretion of Ottawa.

Optional: Infrastructure Grant (CFI-JELF) Proposal

  • Pre-approval from the Faculty is required in order to submit a CFI-JELF, to accompany your CRC. Please contact the Office of the Executive Associate Dean at Faculty of Medicine to request CFI-JELF approval.
  • If you have been approved to apply for CFI-JELF Infrastructure funds, please contact the Institutional Programs Office (IPO) ( as soon as possible, copy to the CRC Secretariat (, to confirm your intent.
  • The IPO will send you further instructions on completing the proposal.  Please be aware that you will need to have completed the CFI application in full as well as a draft of the BCKDF Step One matching funds application by the UBC Final Submission deadline listed on the timeline above.
  • Please complete this proposal as per the following Guidelines for completing JELF proposal - Partnerships (PDF).
  • For more information, please refer to the IPO website.
  • The CRC-CFI partner application will follow the CRC internal deadlines.
  • Nominations that include a CFI request for infrastructure must be submitted through CFI’s CAMS (Awards Management System portal) system at This application can be started at any time.
    • If you have previously submitted a CFI application you do not need to create a new CAMS account but should log into your existing account.

Create a CFI Awards Management System (CAMS) account

  1. Click "Create a proposal"
  2. Choose "John R. Evans Leaders Fund – Funding for research infrastructure associated with an application for research support funding from another program"
  3. Under "Joint funding with..." Select "CRC"***Do not choose the application associated with a CERC***

For assistance with your CAMS account please contact CFI at

Although the two applications (CRC and CFI-JELF) are submitted on two different web portals, the applications will be merged upon submission by the CRC National Office. The CRC external review process will remain integrated. CFI funding decisions will be announced following the CRC decisions. CFI applicants will receive information on funding decisions directly from the Institutional Programs Office.

Please Note: The two applications (CRC and CFI) have specific formatting guidelines. It is your responsibility to ensure that your final applications adhere to those guidelines. Any lines, pages, or information submitted in the applications or CV beyond the limits stated in the CRC instructions or CFI guidelines will be removed by CRC National prior to forwarding to peer review.


For any additional information including proposal development and inquiries about CRC-associated CFI Infrastructure requests, please contact the Office of Research at the Faculty of Medicine. For more information about the UBC CRC program, please visit the VP Academic's internal CRC program site.