Domain Names

​​​Learn more about domain names and how to submit your request.


The UBC domain and Faculty of Medicine subdomains are ways to communicate the university's and Faculty's brand and reputation through its online web presence. To ensure the effective use of subdomains within the Faculty of Medicine, domain name requests are reviewed by the Communications team. For additional information, see the Requirements and Guidelines for UBC Su​bdomains on the UBC IT website.

Note: All websites that use the UBC subdomain are required to employ the UBC Common Look & Feel (CLF) template.



A domain is a human-friendly name for identifying and locating websites. Every domain name consists of a unique descriptive string of text followed by an extension.

[name][dot][com/ca/org/net, etc.]


A subdomain is a subordinate of a domain name. For example, “”, is a third-level UBC subdomain such as, and “”, is a fourth-level UBC subdomain for example:,

Why Should I Use a UBC Faculty of Medicine Subdomain?

We recommend that all units within the Faculty include as part of their subdomain.

  • Websites that use a UBC Faculty of Medicine subdomain are automatically indexed with UBC’s Google Search Engine. Sites that do not use a UBC Faculty of Medicine subdomain will not be searchable from
  • The Faculty's website averages approximately 20,000 users each month, driving traffic directly to your site.
  • UBC Faculty of Medicine subdomains give assurances to your site visitors that your site is an official entity of the UBC Faculty of Medicine.
  • Use of a UBC Faculty of Medicine subdomain creates cohesion among our websites, supports our visual identity, and allows your site to leverage the Faculty's image and reputation.

How Do I Request a UBC Subdomain?

To submit a request for a UBC Faculty of Medicine subdomain, please email Communications.  Requests submitted via the UBC IT website will be routed to the Communications team for review.