Promotional Items

​Banners and promotional items are available to promote the Faculty of Medicine and UBC at events, conferences and other functions.​

​Promotional Items

All marketing materials should be consistent with either th​e current University or Faculty brand.


Q. I need to borrow some banners/collateral/promotional items/thank-you gifts for an event or conference, where can I get them?
A. Both Faculty of Medicine Communications and the UBC Public Affairs office have materials available for use. To request these items, email CommunicationsItems include:

Q. Can I put the UBC logo on promotional items, such as mugs and T-shirts? Are there guidelines for this?
A. Yes, there are specific UBC logos designed for promotional items such as mugs and t-shirts. Email Communications for details.

Q. What vendor should I use to purchase promotional items?
A. Through competitive bidding UBC has partnered with vendors that offer substantial discounts, savings and other benefits associated with volume for the University as a whole. Sustainability initiatives are also incorporated within many of the agreements. UBC Supply Management​ manages the negotiations with suppliers and vendors to offer best value to UBC.