Meeting Rooms

​​There are more than 80 videoconference rooms and several more non-videoconference rooms distributed across the province. The Room Booking Team is responsible for ensuring the rooms are booked, used and managed efficiently.

Find a Room

  • ​Use the ‘Find a Room’ search tool to pull a list of all room locations or to filter by room type, capacity, city and site.

How to Book a R​oom

  • The Facilities Management & Space Planning website outlines the procedure for booking Faculty of Medicine meeting rooms.
  • Please fill out and submit the Room Request form to request a UBC Faculty of Medicine room for your event.
  • Please note if your event is connecting with an external organization(s) then you must book all the non UBC-FoM rooms, with a 30 minute set up time, before submitting your request.

Book a Virtual Meeting

You can have online meetings using the Faculty of Medicine's videoconference system without booking a room. Intended for people who do not have Skype for Business, Book a Virtual Meeting provides you with a conference ID that allows people to connect via video using a Web Browser. For instructions, see Book a Virtual Meeting.

Resource Scheduler 

A number of improvements have been made to Resource Scheduler, the Faculty of Medicine's room booking system. If you previously had access to Resource Scheduler and your login no longer works or you get the error message below, please contact the Resource Coordination Team.

Resource Scheduler Login Error Message.png


More information about videoconferencing in Faculty of Medicine meeting rooms is available here.

Room Booking Policy

1.  Priority

UBC FoM is dedicated to providing distributed medical education to undergraduate and postgraduate students and residents across BC, and therefore will adhere to the following priority. In case of a booking conflict, a lower priority booking may be moved or cancelled to accommodate a higher priority event.

  1. All activities related to the delivery of:
    a) UBC Faculty of Medicine undergraduate, postgraduate, health professional and continuing professional development education; and
    b) Administrative activity in support of academic programs of the Faculty of Medicine.
  2. UBC Faculty of Medicine- associated research programs and University-based health sciences education not covered in First priority.
  3. Health Authority administration and related activities such as Telehealth.
  4. UBC student-initiated programs (UBC Policy #107).
  5. Community and other activities as per UBC and health authority policies

2. Room Access:

  1. Access during normal business hours (8:30 am - 4:30 pm, Monday - Friday): Most rooms are accessed through the reception desk/admin office. At sites where rooms are located away from the reception desk/admin office (e.g. Diamond Health Care Centre, Jim Pattison Pavilion), user can sign-out a FOB key or access card from the room booker or call Security ahead of the event to access the room.
  2. Access outside normal business hours: The FoM room booker will arrange for security or AV tech to open the door for the event or ask the user to sign out a FOB key or access Card ahead of the event to access the room.

3. Rental, Tech Support and other Costs:

There is no rental or tech support cost for priority group 1-5, for events scheduled during normal business hours (may change without notice). Rental, tech support and other charges (e.g. security, custodial, HVAC) may apply for events scheduled outside normal business hours. The room booker will advise.

4. Food and Beverages:

Food and non-alcoholic beverages are allowed in the non-videoconference rooms, but not allowed in most of the videoconference rooms. Exceptions must be pre-approved by the room booker. All catered items must be removed from the room at the end of the event. Failure to comply with this policy will result in denial of future requests. The organization using the facility is responsible for any clean-up costs related to their event.

5. Damages to Facility, Furniture or Equipment:

The organization using the facility is responsible for damages to the facility, furniture or equipment during their event. Damages must be reported immediately to the room booker. Furniture if moved, must be returned to the original configuration at the end of the event. Removal of furniture from the room is not permitted.

6. Booking Cancellations:

Due to a very high demand for our meeting rooms, event organizer is advised to notify the room booker immediately if their event is cancelled or if the room is no longer needed. Room usage will be monitored for 'no-shows' and future requests from the user and organization that fail to notify will be denied.

7. Recording:

The event organizer must get the necessary consent or authorization to take videotaped images, voice recordings or photographs, and must abide by the UBC and Faculty of Medicine policies related to privacy, consent, copyright, intellectual property and other policies as they apply.

Room Booking Privacy Notification

When you reserve a meeting room using the Faculty of Medicine’s room booking services or RoomFinder website, we collect limited personal information (name, email and phone number) to reserve facilities and communications services on your behalf, and to contact you in case of any issues in fulfilling your request.  This information is shared with UBC’s Faculty of Medicine room booking and support staff, and their agents, to fulfill your reservation request and improve your room booking experience.  Your information is not shared with or disclosed to any other parties.

UBC collects this information under the authority of section 26(c) of BC’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA).

Should you have any questions or concerns about the privacy or security of the information you provide, please contact the Faculty of Medicine Resource Coordination Team.

Room Utilization Report