Moving Requests

​The FoM Space Planning and Facilities Management unit oversee the allocation, utilization and management of all academic space. As part of this commitment the unit creates space plans and manages relocation projects at FoM sites.


Please review (carefully) the Move Preparation Guidelines and please see below for further information.

Department/School/Centre/Institutes/Programs: Contact your unit administrator for more information.

Dean's Office: To request a move, a Move Request Form​ must be completed and submitted to the Facilities Manager, Space Planning & Facilities Management.

  • Please fill in all applicable fields. Incomplete forms may result in delays in processing your request.
  • Forms must include a speedchart and be signed by your manager or signing authority.
  • Forms must be submitted at least 4 weeks prior to the anticipated move date.

Moving Technology

The relocation of IT equipment is managed by MedIT.  MedIT will work with other UBC departments and partner groups to support you before, during and after your move.

Please notify the Service Desk at least one month in advance of your scheduled office move (For Dean's Office staff who have already completed a Move Request Form, this step is not required). During this period, we will investigate the parameters of your new location to ensure that we can physically connect you to the secure networks and servers that you need to do your job. 

If you have any questions, email the MedIT Service Desk.

Phone Moves

Please note that FoM staff moving from Point Grey campus to Vancouver General Hospital (or vice versa) cannot keep the same phone number. Phone moves/installations are coordinated through UBC Voice Services (Point Grey) or IMIS (VGH) who can be reached by calling (604) 875-4040.  (For Dean's Office staff who have already completed a Move Request Form, this step is not required).

As there may be delays, please make any necessary arrangements (call forwarding, voicemail notif​ications, etc).

Please note that computer & phone moves may not take place on moving day with delays of up to 2 weeks depending on queues.