How to set up access, what to expect and training guides to support Hyperion.  


Hyperion is the UBC's campus-wide budgeting system. It is a centralized, web-based planning and forecasting solution that integrates financial and operational planning. The system provides flexibility for the departments/schools to manage their short-term and long-term budgets.

Hyperion includes planning for all funds that are part of the University’s consolidated financial statements. While certain funds are budgeted centrally (Capital, Research, Related Organization) and are inaccessible in Hyperion, departments/schools are responsible for the planning for General Purpose Operating funds, Fee for Services, Continuing Studies, Specific Purpose and Endowment funds.

Access to Hyperion

Complete the Access Request Form and submit completed form to Hyperion Access Administrator at the Dean’s Office. As system access is restricted, access requests require the Dean’s Office’s approval before the Budget Office will grant access.

Click here for instructions on how to complete the form.

What to Expect in Hyperion

Access to Hyperion requires users to log-in to the Management Systems Portal using their Campus Wide Login (CWL).  Once logged in, authorized users can access the Budgeting application Hyperion Planning where they can further access:


UBCPlan contains forms that are used to update the forecast (current year), the plan (next fiscal year) numbers, and to access the workforce data for budgeting purposes:

  • Forecast numbers are the department’s/school’s operating estimates for the current fiscal year. Numbers are updated with actual FMS data monthly, except during November and December (budget preparation period).  Departments/Schools are expected to revisit and update forecast numbers to reflect current operating requirements.
  • The Plan is the department’s/school’s best estimate of their operations for the upcoming fiscal year. The plan is prepared and approved before the beginning of the fiscal year.
  • Workforce provides details to salary and benefit amounts under Forecast and Plan. Information is extracted from Position Management, where all changes to salaries and benefits need to be made.


FundPlan provides access to GPO (General Purpose Operating) Funding Transfer and Interfund Transfer for planning purposes:

  • GPO Transfers: Authorized users are able to transfer funds within GPO funds. For internal control purposes, GPO transfers are managed at the Dean’s Office level. 
  • Interfund Transfers in Hyperion: This is used for forecasting and planning purposes and does not affect actual FMS funding numbers
  • Other non-GPO transfers should be directed to the following individuals or offices:
Interfund Transfer Contact Person​
​Fee-for Service (FFS) funds Jason DesRoches
​Specific Purpose Funds (SPF) Betty Ang
​Research (R) ​ORS/UILO contact
​Endowment (E) Pattie Pang

Hyperion Reports

To access budget reports and variance analysis, go to Explore>Reports-Management & Income Statement.

 Other Hyperion Resources