Find the process and procedures for budget transfers.

General Purpose Operating (GPO) Budgets

Only the Dean’s office can process budget transfers between GPO to GPO accounts. Once processed, the transfers require two (2) business days for the amounts to reflect on the department and school GPO accounts.

These transfers may involve transferring budgets due to:

To process interdepartmental/school GPO transfers:

  1. Department/School writes to the Dean’s Office to request the transfer with the following information:
    • amount to transfer,
    • reason for transfer,
    • GPO accounts to transfer from/transfer to, and
    • one-time or recurring transfer.
  2. Dean’s Office will transfer the budgets  

Non-General Purpose Operating (GPO) Budgets

Budget transfers involving non-GPO accounts will need to go through the following channels:

Transfers Involving Contact
​Specific Purpose Funds (SPF) ​Financial Services - Research and Trust Accounting (RTA)
​Research (R) Accounts ​Office of Research Services (ORS) or University Industry Liaison Office (UILO)
​Endowment (E) Accounts ​Financial Services - Endowment Accounting (after confirmation with the Dean's Office Development Endowment Unit)