Password-Reset Tool FAQ

​​​​​Frequently asked questions and answers about the Password-Reset Tool.

1. ​​What domain an​d user name do I use when I am logging in?

Use the fom domain and your Faculty of Medicine (FoM) user name when logging in.

2. How often do​ I need to change my password?

You must change your password at least once every 365 ​days.

3. How will I know wh​​​en I need to change my password?

You will be notified by email fourteen days before your password expires.

4. Are there any s​​pecial requirements th​at my new password must meet?

Yes. Passwords must:
  • Be at least eight characters long​
  • Not contain your username
  • Contain at least:
    • one lowercase letter;
    • one symbol and/or number; and
    • one uppercase letter.

Incorporating upper and lower case letters, symbols, and numbers increases your password security.

For more information about login and password security, see UBC's Information Policies.