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​​​​Communicating in real-time with audio and video.​

Videoconferencing (VC) allows for real-time video and audio communication between participants in two or more locations. Participants can share their computer’s screen and, depending on the room, use other presentation devices such as document cameras or DVD players. VC can be used for instruction, connecting with guest speakers and experts, project collaboration, administrative meetings, or community-building activities.


Why use Videoconferencing?

Audio Bridge

Each videoconference hosted by UBC Faculty of Medicine will be equipped with an audio bridge. This allows participants to join by phone and provides a backup if a participant’s VC unit fails. The audio bridge can be accessed by anyone within North America from a touch tone phone by dialing the toll-free number and associated 5-digit conference ID. The audio bridge number and conference ID is provided by FoM Room Booking in the room booking confirmation.

Improved Communication across Distributed Teams

VC can be used as a tool to promote accurate and effective communication between participants; this is especially beneficial to distributed teams who face greater communication challenges by working in different locations. Wherever video is added to a meeting or presentation, expressions of satisfaction, concern, or confusion can be easily conveyed. By facilitating communication, VC can also make meetings more productive and effective.

Reduced Travel Costs

With improvements in VC quality, availability, ease of use and ability to interact and share content, the VC service is as close to “being there” as one can get without actually making the trip. VC can facilitate communication between people, and promote project progress in a cost-effective manner when face-to-face meetings are impossible or unnecessary.

VC Recording

To request that we record your VC event or lecture, please complete the following Room Request Form. Select “Yes” in the “Do you want the event recorded” field.

Undergraduate lectures can be posted to the password protected learning management system, Entrada. No lectures will be recorded or posted to Entrada without the explicit consent of the lecturer/presenter.

The following video allows you to see how faculty and students perceive the recording of lectures, and what teaching and learning implications arise from making recorded lectures available to students within the medical curriculum.