​​​​Communicating in real-time with audio and video.​

Videoconferencing (VC) allows for real-time video and audio communication between participants in two or more locations. Participants can share their computer’s screen and, depending on the room, use other presentation devices such as document cameras or DVD players. VC can be used for instruction, connecting with guest speakers and experts, project collaboration, administrative meetings, or community-building activities.

Pexip ( is the VC technology used in all Faculty of Medicine (FoM) managed VC rooms. This technology and the accompanying built-in equipment, such as speakers, projectors and microphones, allows us to offer a natural and lifelike videoconference service, which increases its effectiveness. The Pexip VC bridge went into operation in October 2017, bringing new benefits such as high definition (HD) quality and new ways to join VC events from your desktop.

For information about using a personal computer to participate in VC, please visit the Web Browser or Skype for Business service pages.