Web Conferencing

​​​Web conferencing allows people to meet and share presentation materials over the internet in real time.

Web conferencing allows people to meet and share presentation materials over the internet in real time. You and your group can be located around the province and collaborate easily without needing to travel. Participants meet in dedicated online conference rooms where they are able to communicate by audio and video, and share files in real-time. Web conferencing can be done by computer or mobile device, and a telephone or headset with microphone. For more information about web conferencing, see our Frequently Asked Questions page.


Adobe Connect is the Faculty of Medicine’s web conferencing technology. It’s easy-to-use and addresses a full range of online meeting needs, from simple screen sharing to real-time collaboration using a shared whiteboard. The URL that you access for your web conference (e.g. serves as an online conference room. This URL allows you to re-enter and access your password-protected meeting space to share and review meeting notes.

Adobe Connect allows you to hold meetings at a moment’s notice and save meeting rooms—including notes, chat and whiteboard—to a permanent URL. Your meeting URL requires a login and password, so your meeting content will remain private and secure.


To host a web conference, you will need an Adobe Connect account. To participate in a web conference (including users outside the Faculty of Medicine), you do not require an Adobe Connect account when you are invited to join a web conference hosted by staff or faculty.


To apply for an account, complete this application form. New users will be assigned a standard account that allows you to host meetings with up to 10 participants. If your account is approved, a Service Desk member will send an email with your account details.  


The following online self-paced training resources are available for Adobe Connect. These videos will help you to familiarize yourself with how to use Adobe Connect effectively for your meeting needs.

If the video tutorials are not your preferred method for learning, instructor-led training is available. To schedule an appointment, please contact the MedIT Service Desk | 1.877.266.0666.

Training Videos

Additional Resources


We are currently able to offer Adobe Connect web conferencing free of charge. Standard accounts allow you to host up to 10 participants in a meeting. If you require meetings with more than 10 participants on a regular basis, you may request to borrow a “Named License” account by contacting the Service Desk. These accounts are on a first-come, first-served basis. If you know your meeting dates in advance, notify us as soon as possible to reserve your license. A “named license” account allows you to host meetings with up to 100 participants.

A request can be made to the MedIT Service Desk for an optional integrated audio bridge number calculated at 3.9 cents/minute/participant within Canada, or a host can use an existing audiobridge alongside the web conferencing service.

The integrated audiobridge will allow audio participants to be visually represented as a phone number (or phone icon) in the web conference participant list and allow participants to join the audiobridge from the web conference software. As per standard practice in the Faculty of Medicine, individual departments are responsible for all related audiobridge expenses used during their web conference.



We recommend you follow these guidelines when selecting a microphone for desktop video conferencing:

  • USB headset with in-line controls.
  • Dedicated microphone boom-arm.
  • Noise-Cancellation technology.

Both the Jabra UC Voice 750 MS and Logitech USB Headset H390 meet our guidelines for web conferencing microphone. Note that some cameras have built-in microphones.

Web Cam

Web conference participants should use a web cam that has been tested by MedIT (USB options are recommended for ease of use). We recommend you follow these guidelines when selecting a webcam for desktop video conferencing:

  • 720p or higher
  • Dedicated UBC webcam

The Logitech HD Pro Webcam (C920) meets our guidelines for desktop video conferencing webcams.

For a detailed list of technical specifications, consult Adobe’s Technical Specifications (“Tech Specs”).


If you need to obtain a headset and/or webcam, please contact your usual equipment procurement support group. Applicants with Faculty of Medicine computers can order equipment using the Hardware & Software Order Form.

Call the MedIT Service Desk at 1-877-266-0666 with any additionally questions regarding web conferencing equipment.

Etiquette Guide

While web conferences are an excellent substitute for in-person meetings, differences in the ways people interact when using the technology can result in less-than-smooth collaborations. Keep the following guidelines in mind to improve your web conference meeting:

  • Sit within camera view
  • Use a headset with microphone for optimal audio quality
  • Mute the microphone/telephone when not in use
  • Use a wired internet connection when possible (wireless can be unreliable)
  • Introduce yourself to all participants before the meeting begins
  • Use the “raise hand” feature before speaking
  • Refrain from multitasking while web conferencing
  • Close email and any instant messaging applications if you are sharing your desktop
  • Ask meeting participants if they can see the presentation materials before starting the meeting

Support Availability

If users encounter issues using the web conferencing program, they should consult MedIT’s reference materials. In the event that users are not able to resolve the issue with those tools, they may call the MedIT Service Desk (1-877-266-0666) for remote assistance. 

Note: The MedIT Service Desk may not be able to resolve all issues. Web conferencing uses software that relies on the means by which it is connected to the internet and the computer on which it is installed. If the MedIT Service Desk is unable to resolve an issue, users may call Adobe 24/7 Support (1.800.43.ADOBE).

Also, the flexibility afforded by web conferencing means that users will be in various locations where MedIT technicians cannot be dispatched. Furthermore, support can only be offered to users who have been provided a computer through their respective universities. The MedIT Service Desk is unable to support home computers.

It is strongly recommended that users have access to an audiobridge in case of web conferencing program failure. An audiobridge phone number and conference ID should be provided by the host of the meeting.

Contact the MedIT Service Desk

The MedIT Service Desk is your first point of contact for all Faculty of Medicine information technology service requests including web conferencing assistance.

MedIT Service Desk Contact Information
Phone: 1.877.266.0666
Hours: 7:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m., Monday to Friday