Event Recording

​​​If you would like your lecture recorded, you can fill out the following Room Request Form and select “Yes” in the “Do you want the event recorded?” field.

Undergraduate lectures can be posted to the password protected learning management system, MEDICOL/Entrada. No lectures will be recorded or posted to MEDICOL/Entrada without the explicit consent of the lecturer/presenter.

For all other recorded events, a downloadable copy will be made available via a secure online file transfer tool. Information on how to access the tool will be sent to the event coordinator/requester by the MedIT Service Desk.

Event Recording Options

Recordings use the MPEG-4 for Flash format which can be played by major video players (e.g., Windows Media Player, QuickTime, etc.) or streamed on the web using a compatible Flash-based player.

Two different formats are available:

  • Switched: Presentation+Audio (796x448 resolution): Records your presentation material (i.e., PowerPoint, document camera, etc.) with a voice-over; this is ideal for online delivery (e.g., MEDICOL) 
  • Joined: Presenter+Presentation+Audio (1216x344 resolution): Records both the main video channel (i.e,. the presenter and participants) and presentation material and displays them side-by-side. 
  • Audio Only: Records only the audio from the videoconference. No video is recorded of the presenter or the presentation. 


The following video allows you to see how faculty and students perceive the recording of lectures, and what teaching and learning implications arise from making recorded lectures available to students within the medical curriculum.​


UBC faculty, students and staff speak about their needs and concerns about having recorded lectures available online.

​Screenshots of Recording Options

"Switched" Option

Records the audio from the session, and either the content (PowerPoint etc.), if content is being presented or the speaker and participants if no content being presented. 

Switched Recording - Content Only:

New VC Bridge Switched Recording Content.png

Switched Recording - Speaker & Participants Only:

"Joined" Option

Records the audio, content being presented, speaker and participants. The recording captures exactly what the participants are able to see, including on screen icons from the VC system.

Joined Recording:

New VC Bridge Joined Recording.png