Event Recording

The Faculty of Medicine provides recordings of events as a service for all bookings. If you would like your lecture recorded, please select “recording” at the time of booking, or contact the room booking team at to have it added to an existing booking.

Recordings are delivered to a person identified at the time of booking as a link to a streamable video that can be watched in your web browser. The link to the video can be distributed to anyone with access to a web enabled device. This change to our recording to our recording service will be in effect as of April 8th, 2019.

Changes in our Recording Service

Previously recordings were delivered as a link to a downloadable file. Our new recording service has numerous improvements, outlined in the table below:

 Old Recording PlatformNew Recording Platform
How will the recording look different?Generally, only the content/presentation and audio was recorded (see below).The presenter, participants, content/presentation and audio will be recorded to provide a much richer recording (see below)
How will the recordings be made available to users?Recordings were sent via LFT (Large File Transfer) and had to be downloaded and distributed by the session coordinator during a limited time frame. A link to a streamable version of the video will be sent to the session coordinator (or approved contact) who can then distribute the link easily with no download required by those who wish to view it.
Multi-speed playback of recordings?Not available.Viewers have the ability to playback the recordings at multiple speeds (1X-2X playback). 
When will the recording be available to users?Up to 3 business days. Usually within one to two business day.


The following video allows you to see how faculty and students perceive the recording of lectures, and what teaching and learning implications arise from making recorded lectures available to students within the medical curriculum.