Event Recording

The Faculty of Medicine offers event recordings as an optional service on all event requests. Recordings are presented using Mediasite as steaming video. All recordings are saved to MedIT’s servers for up to 2 years after the recording date. This service is provided in our Videoconference enabled spaces.

Features and Benefits

  • HD Recordings of the presenter and presentation to ensure optimal quality for the viewer
  • Presenter and presentation are captured side-by-side on one screen for easy viewing
  • On-Screen Text Scanning allows viewers to search and skip to a specific presentation slide
  • Video is steamed meaning no large files to distribute or store on your computer

Delivery Methods

Steaming Video

These recordings are saved to MedIT's servers and a link to view your recording is emailed to the organizer of the booking at the time the event was booked.


This method is reserved for the UBC Undergraduate Medical and Residency Programs only. Recordings are uploaded to their respective course page on Entrada shortly after the lecture ends. These recordings are indexed by course, date, presenter name, and title.

Med Video-on-Demand (MVoD)

For vetted Distributed Academic Rounds, recordings are indexed based on the department and can be shared by a program assistant to anyone.




Sample Recording


If you have already requested a booking and would like to add a recording, please contact the resource coordination team at:

If you would like to book and event with recording, please use the Room Booking Form.

For support with any other Faculty of Medicine service requests please contact:

Phone: 1.877.266.0666
Hours: 7:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., Monday to Friday



Q: What will be captured on my recording?

A: Your recording will capture everything that occurs within a session from beginning to end, including audio, video of the participants and the presentation materials.

Q: How soon will I receive my recording after my event?

A: You will receive your recording within 1-3 business days of your event.

Q: I would like a download of my recording. Can I receive one?

A: You can request a download of a recording. When you receive the link for your streaming video, please respond to the e-mail with your request for a downloadable version of the recording. One will be rendered and delivered via a downloadable link within 5 business days.

Q: There is a portion of my video I would like removed. Can you edit my videos? 

A: The Faculty of Medicine does not currently provide video editing services.

Q: How can I cancel my recording?

A: Please contact our Resource Coordination team any time before the start of your event to cancel recording. They can be reached by emailing or by dialing 1-877-266-0666 option 3. During a session, you can request recording be stopped by contacting our Service Desk at 1-877-266-0666 option 2.