e-Learning Modules & Virtual Patients

MedIT provides instructional design consultation and content development services to assist faculty in creating various types of interactive e-Learning modules such as Virtual Patients and other multimedia resources.

This service is available to faculty working for the Faculty of Medicine.

Virtual Patients Overview Video


This video is primarily intended for Faculty who are interested in incorporating Virtual Patients into the curriculum. The creation process is described, and the benefits are outlined with regard to their use inside and outside the classroom.

Virtual Patients: Examples

We produce engaging and challenging interactive modules, such as Virtual Patients, to help Medical Students practice and reinforce what they learn in the classroom. Each module explores curriculum content through video, graphics and the "story" of a virtual patient to let the students test their understanding of the material.

Seizures.PNG Seizures.PNG Seizures.PNG

Virtual Patients: The Process

From collecting the content, to designing the interactivity and graphics, each module is carefully constructed to produce an effective online learning experience.


  1. Content
    Content to be presented in the module is supplied by Faculty. This includes the order the content is to be presented, quizzes or learning moments, and any images and/or side notes for the instructional developer.
  2. Instructional Design
    Once all the content is organized, it is sent off to the Educational Technology team who design and develop the interactive format for the finished module. This includes building in interactivity and instructional design best practices (such as buttons, placement of content, colours etc.).
  3. Finished Module
    When the module is tested and ready for viewing, it will be hosted by MedIT on the Medicine learning platform and made available for the student learning experience. For changes and updates to the module contact your Educational Technology representative or the MedIT Service Desk.

What is the Turnaround Time?

We suggest contacting MedIT at least 6 months prior to when you require the e-Learning media (such as Virtual Patients). Our team can be busy with multiple projects and there may be a queue for service. Contact us as early as possible to begin discussions.
If you would like to discuss creating e-Learning resources for your teaching and learning, please contact the MedIT Service Desk (1.877.266.0666).