Video & Digital Media Production


Interested in creating video or other digital media for the MD Undergraduate Program? We're here to help!

MedIT's Educational Technology can assist you in producing video and digital media for teaching and learning in the Faculty of Medicine. Projects that fall outside of undergraduate teaching and learning are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Video Production | Animation | Audio Podcasts
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Video Production

Digital Video
We produce engaging and professional original videos based on your needs and goals. We work with you to script, plan, film and edit your project.



Animated graphics and text
2D animation can be a fun and informative way to captivate students. Animation is useful for teaching abstract concepts and simplifying complex systems.


Audio Podcasts

Audio Narration and Podcasting
High-quality audio podcasting is a captivating medium that students can easily access while on the go. Recording can be done on-site or in a professional sound booth, and editing could include sound effects and music.


Grants & TLEFS

Do you have a grant such as a TLEF that you would like us to be involved in? If so, please contact us early on in the application process. We can then provide you feedback on your media proposal to help your initiative succeed.   We’ve consulted on, scripted, planned, filmed, edited and animated several TLEF projects.

Here are two examples of TLEF projects we’ve worked on:


Screencasts, software animation, iPhone video - Reach out to us and we’ll help you get started on your media creation journey. We can give you an idea of what’s involved and help you move forward.  We can also help teach you about media creation skills to get you on your feet.


Emerging Media


The future of media is now - we embrace new forms of educational media like 360 video, virtual reality, photogrammetry and mixed reality. Let us know if there is a new media technology you’re looking to incorporate into education.


If you would like to create educational media, please complete and  submit the Request Form to the MedIT Service Desk.

We will review your request and contact you within 7 business days. To find out more about producing videos, please email the MedIT Service Desk (or call 1.877.266.0666), read the Frequently Asked Questions, or view the videos below.

This service is available to faculty members in the Island Medical Program, Southern Medical Program, Vancouver Fraser Medical Program and Northern Medical Program.