Assessment & Reports

Find sample forms that will be completed by learners and see instructions for viewing reports on one45.


All teachers can expect to be regularly assessed by UBC learners, usually at the end of a required learning experience. The goal is to provide annual feedback to as many teachers as possible, especially new teachers and those who are going for promotion. 

Teachers who are going for promotion, re-appointment, tenure or awards and would like to ensure that they are assessed, should self identify by filling out the assessment request formprior to the start of the term or educational activity that they are teaching in. 


The following are sample forms that learners will use to assess their teachers depending on the educational activity:


Reports will be made available to faculty electronically via one45 usually twice a year, provided that they have been assessed by 4 or more learners. Depending on the program year, reporting will occur either after each term, or half way through the academic year and at the end of the academic year.

Aside from the regular feedback that teachers will receive bi-annually, more extensive historical report requests can be submitted by filling out the report request form. These are for teachers who are going for promotion, re-appointment, tenure or awards and require a multiple year history of their assessments by students. These reports will be shared through Workspace, please have a look at the UBC Workspace Guide.pdf in case you are not familiar with it.

Report Feedback

At the beginning of each academic year learners are oriented to this process and they are encouraged to provide objective and constructive feedback. If you receive any inappropriate comments please forward them to

How to view your reports on one45

Once reports are compiled, the one45 system will send you a notification email that your report is ready for viewing. Simply click on the enclosed email link and it will take you directly to your To Do's page in one45.

1. The email notification will read as follows:


2. Once you click the link in the email, it will take you to the login page of one45. After you log in, go to your To Do’s list where you can locate the report. See sample below:


3. From there, you can open the report & view your results (see sample below).

Note the following:

  • The number of responses column represents the total number of times that specific question was answered.
  • The score for column represents your average score on that question
  • The score out of column represents the max value of that particular question

Sample Clinical Report:

Doe, Jane

question number of responses score for Doe, Jane score out of
Reviewed objectives for the learning experience with me8
Observed my performance8
Probed my clinical reasoning8
Provided me with timely and constructive feedback8
Gave me responsibility appropriate to my level of competence8
Created a collaborative teaching environment with learners and health professionals8
Role-modelled compassionate patient-centered care8
Overall, the instructor was an effective teacher8


Please provide at least one constructive comment on your Teacher's strengths:

  • Great teacher.

Please provide at least one constructive comment on how your Teacher can improve:

  • I can't think of anything as this was a great teacher.


  • Click OK, if you wish to remove the report from your inbox (this will move your report out of your inbox into the Results folder which is located under the Evaluations folder).  
  • Click Cancel, if you wish to keep the report in your one45 inbox.
  • Click Print, to print the report if you wish to have a record of it.
Any past reports that have been released to you through one45 can be found via the RESULTS link, located under the Evaluations folder in your one45 e-dossier.