Ideally, the proposed re(launch) of the course / program should have the following attributes:

  1. Be designed using a cross-disciplinary approach to create modules that leverage expertise between departments/schools/institutes

  2. Deliver sustainable benefits to students directly (e.g. enhancement of content; experiential learning opportunities) and/or indirectly (e.g. training of faculty and staff in new learning technologies)

  3. Repurposed or rejuvenated to ensure enhancement and long-term viability of course/ program

  4. Achieve higher enrolment and net revenues over a multi-year horizon
  5. Be deliverable within the constraints of UBC facilities and infrastructure
  6. Align with the goals and objectives of the UBC FoM 2016-2021 Strategic Plan, "Building the Future" (, in particular, the Education Pillar and UBC's strategic plan 2018-2028 in "Shaping UBC 's Next Century" (


The timeline for a curriculum change proposal will be primarily dependent on whether the proposal is a category 1 or 2 change.

New Programs and Category 1 proposals include new courses or cases in which an existing course or program is subject to substantive and extensive changes. It is recommended that new program proposals be submitted at least 14 to 16 months prior to the desired first cohort start date.

Category 2 proposals are generally less substantive changes to existing courses and programs, and the closing of courses*. These proposals must not require changes in budgetary or space requirements, and do not require consultation with other Faculties or Schools with the exception of proposals that require G+PS to submit final proposal to Senate Curriculum Committee. Category 2 curriculum change proposals do not go to Senate; the final approval is at the Senate Curriculum Committee level. If the category 2 proposal is clear, detailed and provides full rationale behind the change, the proposal can be moved to the Senate Curriculum Committee within a month for review and approval. 

Upon completion of all preliminary steps (e.g., preparing required forms, curriculum consultations, and additional supporting documents) and submitting the proposal to the FoM Curriculum Team for formal review, the proponent(s) will be scheduled for a meeting with the Senior Director, Office of the Dean & Strategic Initiatives, UBC Faculty of Medicine and the Senior Director, Education Programs and Services, UBC Faculty of Medicine to present the proposed curriculum changes. 

*NOTE: Changes submitted as Category 2 may be reconsidered as a Category 1 change at the discretion of the committee charged with the review.

*If closing a course impacts other Faculties, this would be elevated to a Category 1 proposal. 

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Category 1 workflow.png

Category 2 workflow.png