Project Background

Learn more about RMS features and the Resident Management Solution objectives.

The purpose of the Resident Management System is to help program staff effectively manage academic and employment records for a growing number of Residents across the Province.

The three primary objectives of the solution are to:

  • Reduce administrative time and effort required to manage resident information,
  • Align processes and tools across all post graduate programs, and
  • Enable accurate management of resident information for reporting and other processes.

In order to ensure the needs of program staff have been represented, administrators from small to large PGME programs have been involved throughout the project, from requirements gathering to software selection and implementation. See the list of Business Working Team members here.

Some of the features of the new system include:

  • Ability to track rotation exceptions (e.g. leaves of absence, part-time training) with automated features instead of spreadsheets.
  • Ability for Residents to submit these requests directly through the system (launching to residents in early 2015) and attach applicable documentation.
  • Automated Promotion process with both yearly review and approval processes.
  • Automated Stat Holiday pay workflow with resident reporting and administrator approval.
  • Streamlined supporting processes for intake, registration, and payroll.
  • Accurate central database with access to your resident profiles and postgraduate academic information including Contact information, Promotion dates, ECD’s, Contracts, Leave history and associated documentation. 

Automated processes mean less manual tracking, reduced email correspondence, and less room for error. Residents will have access to their own records and requests to help provide transparency and efficiency across PGME.

The Resident Management System has been designed to provide a customizable and scalable solution, giving PGME the ability to adapt as business needs change. 

A continuous improvement process has been set up to request, prioritize, and plan for additional features and changes. The team has made every effort to include the highest priority features for launch and more information will be provided on the ongoing governance process.​