Project Background

​​​​Learn more about the purpose of Teaching Tracking and Payment and who has been involved.


The Teaching Tracking and Payment (TTP) Project will deliver standard processes and tools for accurate and consistent tracking and reporting of clinical faculty teaching activities for the MD Undergraduate Program (MDUP).

The goals of TTP are to:

  • Strengthen our ability to coordinate across the MD Undergraduate Program by enabling more consistent administrative processes and improving information management.
  • Ensure clinical teaching payment information is accurate and accessible and that payments are traceable, resulting in increased faith in the tracking and payment process.
  • Provide greater visibility into teaching activities so that clinical faculty contributions can be recognized.

The TTP system is being designed to provide a customizable and scalable solution, giving FOM the ability to adapt as business needs expand in the future.

Current Gaps & Intended Outcome

The Faculty of Medicine (FOM) has historically used diverse, largely manual processes to capture and validate teaching information and determine payment eligibility. This has resulted in a number of issues and concerns related to activity and payment visibility and traceability which existing tools and processes are unable to reliably and consistently address.

In a memo to the F​aculty of Medicine’s Dean’s Office on March 27, 2014, Dean Gavin Stuart emphasized the need to achieve a better understanding of the Faculty-wide financial picture, and noted that clinical faculty payments are a “pain point” in achieving that goal. He acknowledged the significant progress made in that area due to the Teaching Tracking and Payment project:

“I am confident that the system being created will substantively decrease the amount of manual effort required by each unit to get their clinical faculty paid for the important services they provide us… [We] are still in the process of understanding the full financial picture, but are significantly further ahead than we were even three months ago and I am very pleased with the progress being made in this area.”

- Gavin Stuart, Dean of Medicine

TTP will provide clear processes and a transparent system with accurate, centralized records that enable program staff across the FOM to better meet the needs of our clinical faculty members.

Project Support

​The changes necessary to realize the goals of TTP and the FOM require the support of groups and individuals from every FOM department and regional program to succeed.

This project is sponsored by Shanda Jordan Gaetz, Executive Director, Faculty Affairs. A Business Working Team (BWT) comprised of representatives from small to large MD Undergraduate Program departments, all regional programs, the Office of Clinical Faculty Affairs, and the Dean’s Office Finance unit has participated in the development of the TTP solution.​​