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Clinical Faculty Payment Arrangements

Clinical Faculty Payment Arrangements

A payment arrangement is an agreement between a person and the Health Authority or Ministry of Health for payment of delivery of clinical services, which sometimes includes teaching with patient care and teaching without patient care. The table below details the different types of payment arrangements and what that usually means for the clinical faculty members eligibility for payment under Teaching without Patient Care (TwoPC) or Teaching with Patient Care (TwPC) activities.

​Payment Arrangement ​TwoPC ​TwPC
​Fee for Service ​Eligible ​Eligible
​Clinical Service Contract ​Eligible ​Ineligible
​Sessional (Alternate Funding Plan) ​Eligible Ineligible
​Clinical Academic Service Contract Ineligible Ineligible
​Salaried by Health Authority* Ineligible Ineligible
​Other: Compensable ​Eligible Eligible​
​Other: Non-compensable ​Ineligible Ineligible​

*Exceptions may apply for certain health authority arrangements.

When a clinical faculty members payment arrangement is Fee for Service that individual is eligible for payment for all teaching activities they undertake be it Teaching with or without Patient Care.

If a clinical faculty member is on a Clinical Service Contract they are eligible to be paid for Teaching without Patient Care activities through TTP but all Teaching with Patient Care activities they perform are already included in the payment received through this Clinical Service Contract.