Accessing TTP: Your CWL Account (Clinical Faculty)

What is CWL?

The Campus Wide Login (CWL) system provide access to many of UBC's online resources, such as eduroam wireless, and the Teaching Tracking and Payment (TTP) system.

Sign up for your CWL account

  1. Go to
  2. Click Proceed
  3. Read the Terms of Agreement
  4. If you agree with the terms, click I Agree
  5. Select Faculty and click Continue
  6. Enter the requested information
  7. Click Continue

Where do I find...?

To sign up for your CWL, you will need your ID Number and CWL Signup PIN. You can find this information by:

  • Checking your welcome letter
  • Calling the HR representative for the department in which you're appointed
  • Calling UBC Central HR (identify yourself as "UBC Faculty")

Currently using a guest account?

Guest CWL Accounts expire after one year, and require a UBC staff member to sponsor you. As a clinical faculty member, you can sign up for your own CWL Account and never have to worry about sponsorship or renewal. If you have been using a guest account, you can change it to a permanent account:

  1. Log in to your guest account at
  2. Select Add Employee/Student Number
  3. Click the New Affiliation Type drop-down
  4. Select the Employee affiliation type
  5. Enter your ID Number ("Employee Number"), Date of birth, and CWL Signup PIN
  6. Click Add

Download a PDF version of these instructions.